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Posted: by Phanatic
Last Reply: by Phanatic
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"I thought I'd run this by you guys before I tried it out. I;d been looking for interesting ways to light the poi, and I came up with this idea.- Take a sip of your fuel as you would for..."
Posted: by HeliumDreamer
Last Reply: by HeliumDreamer
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"*At the risk of sounding v. stupid*I'm just a beginner and have been learning some moves from this site but I don't quite get the difference between the Corkscrew and the horizontal mex..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by SickpuPpy
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"RIGHT! Had enough of these bloody things on strings...Sure, I've had some prett nasty bruises and a few semi-concussions (ay least my feiends were worried they might be) with staffs bu..."
Posted: by Skeks
Last Reply: by TEK829
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"I've played around a lot with bicycles, and hopefully this will be of some use.I'm new to describing twirling moves, so forgive me if they don't make any sence whatsoever.Weave-Type:Sin..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Organized Kaos
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"I've heard;-flick of the wrist.thats not enought detail for my tastes. Josh"
Posted: by Phanatic
Last Reply: by phunky
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"I started practicing this today. I'm not sure if anybody does this, or how to describe it really, but I'll tell you what I did.First of all, lie on your back with your feet in the air. ..."
Posted: by GlowWorm
Last Reply: by GlowWorm
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"Hi, all, as you all know, im new to poi, and im having a bit of a problem distinguishing between a mexican wave and a windmill. They seem to be the same thing. Are they? Or am i doing s..."
Posted: by DocLiquid
Last Reply: by DocLiquid
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"wheeew! finally.Just got the one handed butterfly to double le wrap to double leg wrap again to behind the head one handed BF. I'm working on raising my leg and wrapping it again behin..."
Posted: by Marlboro
Last Reply: by SorchaTheFlaming
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"Help!! I'm trying to switch a one-handed butterfly from right side to left - to do a figure of 8 type move. I just can't get it, not sure if it needs to be taken over or under the elno..."
Posted: by Storyteller
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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" OK, 2 things:#1, Any good ways of going into or out of the overhead weave?And #2, Got down the BTB weave, RBTB weave, X3$X4 Corkscrews, BTB 360 Etc. Can't flow from one to the oth..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"I don't think I am getting this right.. I start with a regular weave and then as they are on one side, instead of bringing them back over to the other side, i keep them there and let th..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by LPH
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"I know there have been a smattering of "doubles poi moves" posted here and there but with the awesome results posted in the 56+ wraps posts I kinda wanted to do the same for doubles mov..."
Posted: by HappySticker
Last Reply: by munki
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"i dont know if all of you got this e-mail but i saw some of your names in the adresses but i was pretty impressed by this guys btb weave, its a better video than i have seen thus far......"
Posted: by yashiro
Last Reply: by yashiro
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"Well as the topic says... how much do you use the btb weave? I myself I know btb weave is pretty cool when you go from a weave and then BTB weave, do a few turns and return to the same ..."
Posted: by Psylentz
Last Reply: by phunky
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"when doing a corkscrew i messed up and "stirred" the pot in the same direction, now if you don't alternate (stir the pot and brush the hair) at the same time, and make one hand go lower..."
Posted: by GaBBeRave19
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"i cant find the thread where xaeda told about the butterfly wave and when your right hand is behind your head you can bring it in front by wrapping it around your head. the whole thing ..."
Posted: by phenaly
Last Reply: by yashiro
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"What I find that helps me the best to learn thing is to just use one hand at first. It seems to be the easiest way for me to learn something new. I pretend I have 2 but only use 1. Then..."
Posted: by getzaphix
Last Reply: by Solipsist
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"Is the overhead weave the same as the windmill, ie, mexican wave but done higher, or is it 3 beat like a normal weave? I've watched the about weaves in the Art of Poi video a couple of..."
Posted: by GaBBeRave19
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"i couldnt find it on here but if you do the quad windmill in time instead of split its the 2beat chase the sun 2behind 2 in frontthanx 4 the correction i wuz drunk at the time i wont be..."
Posted: by phenaly
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"Yesterday I made my first ever homemade bag poi's, man these suck...I used some old rainbow crap yarn, some newspaper, and some bright pink/blue computer paper, and I topped it off nice..."
Posted: by Cute Little Burning Ball
Last Reply: by yashiro
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"I've been wondering what are the favorites combos from all the people here?would be nice to get any new ideas..."
Posted: by jonathan
Last Reply: by phunky
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"i dont know if you guys are into butterfly moves, or if you can already do this one, but here goes anyway.......okay to start with stand with you feet shoulder width apart, parrallel wi..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"It looks really cool but i can't figure it out. I can start with the butterfly then go into the low wave, but from there I can't figure out how to bring the poi up by your head.. A li..."
Posted: by zoey
Last Reply: by Pele
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"So I'm sure I'm not the only one to think of this. but does anyone else actually throw their poi up in the air and than catch them while on fire? I do that and am learning how to throw ..."
Posted: by Itsgottab
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"i have recently made some poi from some soft foam, like you find in a plumbing store, for insulation of hot water pipes or cold. with a small lead weight incased a peice of garden hose,..."
Posted: by GaBBeRave19
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"can any of you technical junkies pull a bhb split time butterfly crossover? thats bhb left side > right side not front to back"
Posted: by jonathan
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"o.k. its raining in rotorua so instead of poiing im sitting here like a fool....these moves are for one handed butterflies, carrying one in each hand, i hope you guys can follow itas i ..."
Posted: by Scoot
Last Reply: by jonathan
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"I have looked at the lesson for the windmill... and i have no idea what it is exactly. Can someone tell me what it is? Like is it like the overheard butterfly, or is it more like a chas..."
Posted: by Whiffle Squeek
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"ok, about two weeks ago, i had down turning whil in BTB weaves, and even though it wasnt the prettiest thing in the world, i could do it consistently. then, since its not the most fun m..."
Posted: by KandyRaverNY
Last Reply: by GodlovinSponge
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"Hi everyone...I have just started spinning.I have really two questions for this post.1)Any tips on beginning??2) I have read the instructions on the "Chasing The Sun" move....but I cant..."
Posted: by tallicaburton
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"In the Dangerboy video on this site where he doesn't do any 1 handed stuff, what is that move he does behind his neck? It looks like he is bring a weave infront of him, to behind his ne..."
Posted: by jonathan
Last Reply: by jonathan
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"ive stumbled across an extra spin! if you continue the 5 beat for an extra weave, and then tuck your leading hand up behind your elbow, the poi will wrap around your arm and then keep g..."
Posted: by tallicaburton
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"Yehaw! For most of monday night I was trying to start on this 4,200 word paper due on the 4th. I find it quite depressing considering I was supposed to have started around July, so I pi..."
Posted: by tallicaburton
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"I think this could help some people, so I'm going to ask and see if my guess is right. In my opinion, the quadruple corkscrew is *much* easier then the 5 beat weave (because i have yet ..."
Posted: by GaBBeRave19
Last Reply: by pozee
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"i need more splittime wraps and comboslike st butterfly right poi neckwrap, on out left poi neckwrap, on out right poi neckwrap + left poi right forearm wrap"
Posted: by bubblez
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"its about time i learned tha reverse weave, its not tha preetest weave in tha world, but i seen worse...: at on my own back:::"
Posted: by Ithaca
Last Reply: by TEMPEST
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"ok, so there isnt exactly an infinite number of poi moves, and someone has very probably done this before. However I have searched for something familiar and have found no names associa..."
Posted: by Dark-Fire
Last Reply: by phunky
Views: 2011    Replies: 18
"I just found how to do a 6 beat wave. Itz very easy. Found out when i was tryin to do the 5 beat wave which i still have no clue how to do. It really looks like a side-ways butterfly.To..."
Posted: by poiwonder
Last Reply: by poiwonder
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"i did a search on this and found a couple of threads that hinted at under the leg things. I am presently trying to learn some more though, and cant reall figure out how to do too many...."
Posted: by Scoot
Last Reply: by Dm
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"Hey all! I was just playing around with the corkscrew move. As I toyed with what ever i could do in and out of the corkscrew, I found, that a weave is a good way to lead into a corkscre..."
Posted: by Mark P
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
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"Made my first set of glowstick poi the other day (in preparation for an indoors party). Started having a spin with them and then had some fun with wraps.My favorite at the moment (and ..."
Posted: by Shinomori
Last Reply: by Shinomori
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"I'm from new york city. I need help in the 5 point weave and triple/quad windmill or corkscrew. I tried reading all these descriptive messages that people leave. It just doesn't work. I..."
Posted: by RaVeRxSurGe
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Hey wutzup... RaVeR SurGe here and i got the 4 beat weave... cuz i do an extra twist with my right on the right side and an extra twist on the left on my left side.... now is that a 5 b..."
Posted: by Shinomori
Last Reply: by RaVeRxSurGe
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"Can someone describe how to do these moves in great detail? From which direction you are spinning, to the position of your arms and the position of the poi or glowstick when you change ..."
Posted: by Pili pala
Last Reply: by phunky
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"When 'performing' the overhead butterfly I vary the move by doing the following:Swing poi in front then behind the head, back to the front THEN I place my hands behind my lower back. I..."
Posted: by Scoot
Last Reply: by Scoot
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"First, Id like to thank all of you whos advice was given to me about how to increase the number of beats in my weave. Now, for another weave related topic, is how do I get these damn we..."
Posted: by Bendy
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"I have a thing that I do with my practice poi where I do a wrap around a leg/arm, then throw the counterweight-handle around and it unwraps as the head of the poi is still wrapping (you..."
Posted: by DocLiquid
Last Reply: by DocLiquid
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"Hello all, I've been spinning now for just a couple of month's after attending a rave where somebody busted out with fire poi, granted I had seen it with glowsticks many times befor..."
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by Warren
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"I know this has been mentioned in passing befor, but I figured it was getting to the point of needing its own thread. #1 equipment: Poi with a glow stick on each end. I normaly use a ch..."
Posted: by Auspoiboy
Last Reply: by phunky
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"I don't know whether anyone has ever tried this (i did a search but didn't find anything).The other day i kinf flicked my string/wire/chain when doing a really slow backwards weave. Thi..."
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