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Posted: by Auger282
Last Reply: by Myst
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Posted: by Gikkwiny
Last Reply: by phunky
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"I have been trying, like many people here, to do the 5 beat chase... however, I may have gotten it, or I may have gotten somehting completely different.I start by doing the 3 beat weave..."
Posted: by Bassman
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I don't do staff, but I saw this guy on David Letterman tonight that does cube spinning, so I decided to check out his website. He's got this cool video where he keeps rolling this sta..."
Posted: by Jangla
Last Reply: by Blackbird
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"Was doing some circular weaves the other night and was thinking about a previous post about consideration for your crowd - a weave looks crap if you're facing the crowd.I started doing ..."
Posted: by eyemonkey
Last Reply: by xaeda
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"anyone want to know how to a cartwheel on a staff? I can do one but i can't be bothered to type on an indepth description if no one wants to know. It's actually really easy!!!----------..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Anyone have any ideas on how to approach making one's style more fluid and continuos? I know a lot of individual moves, as well as the turns, and I can go from a weave to a windmill an..."
Posted: by SsJ KaKaRoTtO
Last Reply: by Ithaca
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"i really do! i mean, i cant even get it started! i dont kno how to do it! i keep hitting myself in the legs, back, head, and balls! it aint pretty! can anyone help me and tell me h..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Hey what up guys, I don't know if this an actual move or not but my friend came up with it the other night, You do the 3 beat weave in front of you then you do a complete 360 turning to..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by Bassman
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"okay i ask cause i just know the far i read its combination of weave windmill weave windmilli am right???and NO is not on the frigging search!!! i mean the lower and full f..."
Posted: by GaBBeRave19
Last Reply: by Blackbird
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"glowsticking moves mainly havent tried on poithese seem so simple other ppl must have thought of them already. -when doing a butterfly or reverse butterfly u can switch between the two ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Hi dudes,well - for once I'm asking for advice rather than giving it (indescriminately) one move in particular that I saw a few ppl doing when I was in the states, but which elludes m..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by Endangered Sanity
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"i have been trying and trying but i see that the problem are my legs... when i turn i get the move but then they slap my legs!!!! someone help!!"
Posted: by MystikDancer
Last Reply: by WuGgaRoO
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"Ah. I was wondering if this post belonged in the "moves" section or in this section. But since its not really a new move I'm discussing, I decided to post this here...I have a lot of li..."
Posted: by jedimastah
Last Reply: by Superman
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"Any one going to the Cyberfest in Houston this weekend. My friend and I will be performing there. He has the coolest style that I want everyone to see. It is kind of like a double mi..."
Posted: by Evilsun
Last Reply: by Evilsun
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"Well after struggling and struggling, wearing my fingers down to the bone (quite literally), I have mastered the weave Big deal I hear everyone call, but to me it is a big deal!I h..."
Posted: by fat_freddy
Last Reply: by GaBBeRave19
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"Here's a move that I came up mostly by accident trying to do a 7 beat weave.Start with a fwrd 5 beat weave on your right,when going to the left,wrap your left poi on your right wrist ab..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"If you usually have your left hand on top (and 'first') for the normal butterfly, is it more natural to have that on top and first for the reverse butterfly? or the other way around? Be..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by SsJ KaKaRoTtO
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"Gimme yer experts combos all the cool combos ya got.... share them with me? lol ;pOne of my favorite combos could be ummmmi start with a backwarse weave... after that i go to a BTB re..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Frenzie
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"Every time I get a new tip that I've never heard before I feel like I gotta share it with hopes it well help some newbie. Sorry to the vets who know it already, but why didn't ya tell ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"I thought that I've been doing a CorkScrew, only to read on some of the discussions of the day that it's more like a weave. I went back over to the video, and either I'm stupid, or mis..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by phunky
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"What split time means?and what shooting them moon is?ihave been reading some topics and ppl talk about that and i dont know what they are! pls someone explain me!yeah someone told me sh..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"After I wrote that, I realised how dodgy the subject sounds, so, apologies for any who might have been offended! :Panyway, i have been trying loads of between the legs stuff recently, m..."
Posted: by rangerbethany
Last Reply: by rangerbethany
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"can anyone help me out with some POInters on the btb5beat weave? i can get the 3 beat without two much difficulty and i can get the forward 5 beat easily but i just can't wrap my head a..."
Posted: by TranceKuja
Last Reply: by Knagi
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"What are some basic combos for beginning poi/meteor? and tell me if you don't think i qualify as a beginner anymore (i can do forwards, backward, split swing, butterfly, weave, windmil..."
Posted: by Endangered Sanity
Last Reply: by Endangered Sanity
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"I was trying out some air-poi moves in the backyard this afternoon, and I figured out something that I have never seen before. Then again, someone has almost definitely thought of this ..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by Frenzie
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"I was watching the "Circles of light" video and only really 2 spinners really caught my eye. That being Jo Derry and Robert Micheal. I don't know if you would call this an advanced co..."
Posted: by jedimastah
Last Reply: by jedimastah
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"I'll try to explain as best I can. Here goes. First start with the regular old b-fly Then continue crossing arms to where your right hand is spinning circles on the left side. And ..."
Posted: by TranceKuja
Last Reply: by psychomonkey
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"I was wondering if anyone uses a single long string for POI. I'm a newbie *I think* and want to learn some new moves. I need some thoughts. I can also combo in some breakdance moves ..."
Posted: by Myst
Last Reply: by Marlboro
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"Some one did a combination of moves and named it the fountain, so I've decided to name a little combo I started doing out of nowhere. 1)"The Complete Lower Fountain" Do a lower founta..."
Posted: by Neeko
Last Reply: by Neeko
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"I was toying around with weave variations when I came up with a move I have never seen anyone do or mention, so i may be an innovator here or I may have just discovered for my self some..."
Posted: by Amanjira
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I have just recently been experiementing and have taught myself to twirl two poi in one hand, one on the index, and one on my pinky, and have suceeded in doing a good weave, and am lear..."
Posted: by Code128
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I was flipping Channels the other day and came to Lifetime or WE or somethin like that ( The Channel for Women )and they were selling some junk infomercial style but for a break they br..."
Posted: by TranceKuja
Last Reply: by Naganootch
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"Is there any good order for learning poi and/or meteor moves? I would like some suggestions for moves i could learn. Websites for learning other moves would also be appreciated--------..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by Finn
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"Today i was on a party... 2 chicks had glowstikcs and the i felt like damn i wanna do some glowsticking(yeah was my first time with public LOT of public)... so i took those glowstick to..."
Posted: by blue_flame
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"Hey everyone, I finally decided to register and post, I've been reading posts for about a month now and have learned a lot from everyone, thanks. Anyways, I am curious of moves to learn..."
Posted: by eyemonkey
Last Reply: by JeStEr
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"I dunno how well this works on fire because i haven't tried it yet.I stole the basic idea from a jackie chan movie.Basically, lift your leg up and rest your staff on the outside of your..."
Posted: by yashiro
Last Reply: by Belgarath
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"ok... one simple question to clarify my 5 beats question(corkscrews/weaves/windmills)the question is:5 beats is when you keep the wrist next to each other while moving the poi to the ot..."
Posted: by Jaeden
Last Reply: by Jaeden
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"Could someone please explain to me what wraps are? I keep seeing them mentioned but have not been able to find any description of what they actually are.I thank you all in advance for t..."
Posted: by krystie
Last Reply: by krystie
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"Hi everybodyI discovered something cool tonight that I wanted to share. Maybe you all do this already, but I'm a new twirler and thought it was a pretty creative solution.Okay, I just l..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by MiSsFrOg
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"okay here are my latest 2 that i have gotten down pretty good, been told they look nice. wthey both start out with the butterfly parallel to the ground and above the head. the first o..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Belgarath
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"to do this you need a friend who can scratch out the get back to 1 person start the weavethe next peson start next butwake sure your poi are on the opposite side.then..."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by Ajtag
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"While on holiday i have had some ideas.. so hear do the fountain... fwd weave,windmill rev weave... but then do a chase teh sun going through your legs and you are back to th..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by Myst
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"Okay everytime i try it i just get like an horizontal chasing sun :/ you know like a quadruple 2 beats horizontal chasing sun O_o wtf is that? hehehe well that is what i get when i try ..."
Posted: by Blackbird
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"the btb high turn (I think it's called the tuck turn or something in the lessons) can be done continually if you stand sideways... chuck in a chasing the sun on each turn and you have a..."
Posted: by HappySticker
Last Reply: by HappySticker
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"in order to do the corkscrew do you have to have shorter strings in order to do the trick at a decent pace? i am able to do it slowly but when i pick it up a little they start hitting m..."
Posted: by Bassman
Last Reply: by Myst
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"The 5 beat btb weave. I figured it out!! :-) I mean, I used to be able to do it occasionally in a very crappy manner, but now that I figured out the proper technique it's really smoot..."
Posted: by shizN0T
Last Reply: by emthren
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"split time butterfly is where the poi meet at the sides instead of the top and bottom?I cant do it "
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
Last Reply: by phunky
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"Im having a little bit of trouble comprehending what a fountain is, is it where you do a weave on one side then switch to the other side. I don't know help pleaseMatty"
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by phunky
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"Hey guys i have been doin poi for about 3 months and have picked it up fast.. the only thing i dont understadn is what u experianced players called "beats" like for example a 5 beat wea..."
Posted: by Heph
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"i think it was Pele that mentioned something about a trick of rolling on the ground while swinging the poi...i was trying to conceptualize a way to work that out for a how d..."
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