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Posted: by Auspoiboy
Last Reply: by phunky
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"I don't know whether anyone has ever tried this (i did a search but didn't find anything).The other day i kinf flicked my string/wire/chain when doing a really slow backwards weave. Thi..."
Posted: by rex
Last Reply: by bender
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"i think i just nailed the 3 beat weave!!! *wo0-ho0* i feel like a poi-god..."
Posted: by Scoot
Last Reply: by Scoot
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"Alright. Ive been spinning for about a month now. Its incredibly addicting. I have got down the three beat weave, and I have looked at the lessons page to try and increase the number of..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by phunky
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"Last week i tried this ummm butterfly on my left side and then i start alternating the butterfly from right to the left really fastbut i pass firts one poi then the other and it looks l..."
Posted: by Eddie
Last Reply: by Myst
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"I'll try to explain this as briefly as possible...Start with a Butterfly but with the pois crossing at the sides of the circle instead of top and bottom. Practice turning around to a re..."
Posted: by wulff
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"Okay still havent'y gotten this one down smoothly (cause practice poi with those streamer things don't like it)anyways here is the concept..doing a weave lift you right leg and come up ..."
Posted: by Marlboro
Last Reply: by poiwonder
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"Help! I've searched on this, but found nothing. Whats the trick to stop the chains hitting each? I get them going for a few revolutions and can't keep them apart, and believe me I have ..."
Posted: by Eddie
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"I perfer the butterfly with the pois crossing at the sides rather than top and bottom, the butterfly must be done this way for this trick to work.While doing the butterfly bring your ha..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by Eddie
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"ok on the second 38 of this video Fluorescent poi from Jo Derry. Sheffield, England. Well worth watching as their is some pretty amazing moves here.on the homeofpoi videos section on th..."
Posted: by Eddie
Last Reply: by Neeko
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"In the vidoe of the reverse weave on the lessons page you see the girl do a full turn from backward to forward to backward again. Do this but face the camera and go from forward to back..."
Posted: by Itsgottab
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"if you're trying to teach someone the weave or any move that requires a rythmic hand cross over thing, try useing two peices of bamboo or similar as poi. the moves are leanrt much quick..."
Posted: by xaeda
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"hey all okay, so I'm postponing study again.I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but this is my token poi move Start with something resembling the 'alternate butterfly combin..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by N8
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"Staff is taking over... theres no new threads on poi. Though i think the reason why no one posts moves on poi is that its way too difficult to explain a move outside of comparing it to..."
Posted: by HappySticker
Last Reply: by Charles
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"this isn't really a move but stupid crowds get a kick out of it if..... make sure nobody is going to walk into your space and that you have plenty of room before you try this also...i w..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by [({PoiToi})]
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"Hmmm, that explaination only seems to partially cover it. What you explained, Pere, is a good way to build up to it. I'll do my best to explain it hear. A Fountain (sometimes called a S..."
Posted: by bubblez
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"its about damn time!!!!!!i finally nailed tha 3 beat weave, now im movin on to more moves seemingly quicker...thanks to all that helped me with my limp left hand i took tha advice n it ..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Charles
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" very possible, but tends to sort of, well, droop - kind of go into the horizontal plane. Is there any way to stop this?and can you go from 1hd normal to 1hd split time?and can any..."
Last Reply: by Myst
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Posted: by FeniXTranz
Last Reply: by NYC
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"okay i guess ive become a pretty good spinner in my opinion but i still cant do one of the "simplest" moves the butterfly. heres my problem i start with simaltaneous foward swings and ..."
Posted: by bubblez
Last Reply: by Charles
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"ne 1 out a righty who HAD a problem usin there left hand, n fixed the problem?????? tha damn thing wont listen >;\"
Posted: by Bendy
Last Reply: by Knagi
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"I've done a search and I don't think anyone has mentioned doing multiple poi. Now granted I am not yet up to this standard, but I wouldn't be surprised if others here have done/can do/t..."
Posted: by bubblez
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"i gotta say thanx 4 tha help tha poiers gave to me,regarding my ignorant left gradually gettin the sync down yay 4 me!!!!!!!"
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by pozee
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"OK, Everyone's got an achillies heal move and believe it or not I feel very uncomfortable in a Rev Butterfly. I can do it. But not with the ease and flexibility of a forward butterfly..."
Posted: by GaBBeRave19
Last Reply: by GaBBeRave19
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"for glowsticks i think fire would be too heavy. spin a butterfly as slow as you can and go doubletime with the right poi so its two revolutions with right and one left. just try to get ..."
Posted: by BongoCIH
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"Heya all, I've been reading through a some posts and kinda got lost on the lingo...I'm only a newbie to the "twirler dialect" so plz humor me....I understand weave and all the moves li..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Meenik
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"anyone come up with any good moves where the poi go at different speeds? There was that double butterfly thing, and of course half giant versions of most of the moves...but, just implan..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
Last Reply: by BongoCIH
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"I just wanted to take a minute and say kudos to everybody. There are so many new moves popping up. Its crazy and there just getting iller and iller. I have trouble keeping up. I just wa..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
Last Reply: by phunky
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"Hey, Im lost when it comes to the "TNN" what is it.Thanx MuchMatty"
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Blackbird
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"Ok, er, technically this is a butterfly family move rather than a weave, but I couldn't think of a better name... butterfly weave is already taken y'see... could be the butterfly Butter..."
Posted: by Endangered Sanity
Last Reply: by Endangered Sanity
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"I was just mucking around tonight and i figured out that you can do a one-handed 3-9 butterfly, or whatever it is called when the poi intersect at horizontal rather than vertical. So, ..."
Posted: by clare
Last Reply: by Blackbird
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"i read aaaaaaaaages ago bout a girl who used firepoi and told the interviewer she wanted to learn a move that 'makes it look like you have wings of fire'.... been intrigues ever since, ..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Bassman
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"no only kidding...------------------"O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention." - William ShakespeareCheck out my Online Gallery! Å Ĉ ..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"a 360 degrees turn with the 360 degress turn with weaave but with butterfly... well i do it but i dont have idea how it looks... i wish i had a camara "
Posted: by LPH
Last Reply: by Hitokage
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"been playing around with throwing the poi in the air .i read athread here about bringing the poi under the legs from behind,letting go of the handles and then catching it again from the..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"jeez i have tried and tried this move and i cant get it!!! okay give me tips maybe also i got a question when you do a 180 turn with the butterfly doing tread on the neaddle you get in ..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"okay, i hope this is a new move. with my meteors i was doing the butterfly and when the poi ore on the up swing i throw the foot long piece that is between my hands straight into my ju..."
Posted: by xLessThanJakex
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Helo this is going to make me sound like a begginer but no matter what I do I can't get the btb chase, I have no one to teach me and i can't find any sources that could tell me, nearly ..."
Posted: by TranceKuja
Last Reply: by preambled
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"I dunno if this was already posted cuz i dunno what it's called (if it even has a name). It's when you swing your poi behind you and the two strings go under your legs, you let go with..."
Posted: by clare
Last Reply: by smilee
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"um... i can kinda do a one handed corkscrew, and kinda do a simple weave, i think (hey, leeave me alone, i only had these things for a week), but i cant keep the chains at 180 degrees t..."
Posted: by Bassman
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
Views: 2827    Replies: 23
"I'm confused on which btb weave is considered "forward" and which one is considered "reverse."I would think that if the rotation of the poi on your left side is clockwise and the rotati..."
Posted: by BongoCIH
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"Heya all,I picked up Poi for the first time in march, so since then I've learnt up to 22 on the poi lessons with a couple of little moves added in. I can almost switch between all of th..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by emthren
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"Hi guys,I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on the timing of BTL butterfly exit? I've got the entry reasonably ok (needs work) but I've only ever got the exit a couple of times, and ..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"Ade suggested in another thread to tie a ribbon to one end of a staff as an aid to explaining what some of us see as "forwards".I think the idea of marking the different ends of a staff..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by pozee
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"Hey, one move i noticed that was missing was a leg wrap. I dont usually use poi's or anything...i'm more of a glowstick kinda guy...its basically the same, but u guys have more balls t..."
Posted: by yashiro
Last Reply: by yashiro
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"okay...what is this guy doing from 12 secs forward?the video is in the same page"Inside stage production using some fluorescent type poi...24sec in length."("
Posted: by Endangered Sanity
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
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"Everyone knows how to do the cool fireball sart with staff, right? But we poiers are left without any fancy way to start. Something I've been working on lately is the fireball start for..."
Posted: by GaBBeRave19
Last Reply: by phunky
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"ez just do the 4 beat corkscrew with a 360 body varial going in the same direction. do it with a jump by bending your kneez down with your downswing on the corkscrew.if u want added att..."
Posted: by TaiGuy
Last Reply: by yashiro
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"For all of you that know how to do the btb weave, and especially those of you that just recently got it:I'm finally trying to get my btb forward weave (the one where you hit your shins,..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by smilee
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"i would like know about any jump moves that anybody knows or experiences people have had with jumping."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"This is just a little extra addition to the one handed butterfly. When you have the One handed butterfly going smoothly infront of you (as in the video) as your hand moves down you can ..."
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