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  Posted: Can someone describe how to do these moves in great detail? From which direction you are spinning, to the position of your arms and the position of the Poi or glowstick when you change it's direction. The video on this site is too fast and not clear enough for me to understand. Thanks for the help

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  Posted:Dude, it would be best if you did a search for '5-beat weave', 'quad corkscrew', 4-beat corkscrew', etc. These topics have been covered so many times, that most people on this board probly cant be bothered answering your questions. This is why when you post a new topic there is a directive that you should have read, which would have asked you to do a search. The Search link can be found just under the post new topic button.I hope this helps.Josh



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  Posted:Hey wutzup... I noticed that you live around the NYC area in (home of fire poi). I live around the NYC area as well and I wuz just wonderin if u would like to be interested in coming together and showin me ur moves and i'll show u some of mine.... i need a good raving (glowsticking) buddy.... i do behind the back weave, 360 BTB, 5 beat weave, quad. corkscrew <--- my most developed moves.... currently i'm workin on 5 beat BTB weave... i wuz wonderin if you would like to get together sometime and share some glowstickin skill....I also do some photon, break dance, and liquid rave... anwayz, if u interested in a glowsticking/poi buddy email me at: or instant messange me on AIM under: raversurgeif you interested in gettin together sometime... pleez reply.... -RaVeR SurGe

-RaVeR SurGe


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