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The Welcome Matt

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Posted:It looks really cool but i can't figure it out. I can start with the butterfly then go into the low wave, but from there I can't figure out how to bring the poi up by your head.. A little difficult to explain, but the move is on HOP's lessons page, but it does me no justice
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If I could get some pointers it would help greatly.Matt

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Posted:uhhmmm you could try bringing the left hand straight up when the poi moves in front, but try not to get the elbow to much above shoulder height to begin with, keep it relaxed, but tight to begin with (does that make sense?). i dont know if im thinking of the right move, but as the left hand comes up, the poi can go sort into out of phase timing quite easily so depending on what sort of effect youre after thats something to take note of!!but practise my good man as they say makes perfect, and the more you do the easier it will become!! so get in there and reach for the skies


Posted:try doing a <a href="">search</a> on the topic.Josh



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Posted:Have anyone of you tried the alternate butterfly but with split time butterfly...that will be mmm alternate split time butterfly...i was practicing yesterday with yashiro... he said it looks really cool...
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