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  Posted: I have looked at the lesson for the windmill... and i have no idea what it is exactly. Can someone tell me what it is? Like is it like the overheard butterfly, or is it more like a chase? anyone, please break it down a little in your own words, and we can see howwell that works for me.
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  Posted:It is an overhead 2-beat weave (figure 8) only your body is at 90 degrees to a normal weave.

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  Posted:Look at the lesson for chasing the sun. It is the same as that except that the pois are moving at split timing...good luck!

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  Posted:Windmill is just like the corkscrew only completely vertical. Two beats behind the head (in split time) then two beats in front of the head.


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  Posted:I'd have to go with the split-time "chasing the sun" too. Very easy way to learn it.------------------ I have only one burning desire....let me stand next to your fire

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  Posted:While the comments made here are helpful, I'll add one more thing. This is kind of hard to explain, so bear with me.With any figure-8 movement, you go through 720° to get from point A back to point A. Now, a lot of people learning the windmill wind up getting their chains 360° out of phase with each other, which means that when one chain is at the bottom in front, the other chain will be at the bottom in back.What you really want is for your chains to be 180° out of phase with each other. This is a little less intuitive, but gives you the proper windmill motion. When you are 360° out of phase, your hands alternate positions back and forth with a "1...2...1...2" rhythm. When you are 180° out of phase, your hands have to move back and forth independently of one another, and you have a "1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4" rhythm (note that this is not the same as a 4-beat windmill).Hope this is more helpful than confusing.

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  Posted:My only suggestion is if you have Morpheus or some other file sharing program, look around and find probably the only Poi movie you can find other than on this website. It starts out with a green SF logo and the person is using green glowsticks. In the middle around 20 or so sec, he becomes visible. Watch his body movements as the Poi swing in front and behind him.

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  Posted:you can get that vid at It's in the "others" section or something.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====



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  Posted:dont forget that once youve got that move down pat, you can put in those extra spins like the 5 beat weave or whatever it was called!!good luck to you


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