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Posted: by Zion
Last Reply: by The Welcome Matt
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"Hey everyone...i recently saw a kid at my school do poi with glowsticks at a talent show. It was really cool, so i thought id give it a try. Is there anything i can use to learn, beside..."
Posted: by shakas
Last Reply: by Jello
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" (im using gowsticks) When ever I do wraps ...around my thigh for example...I smack my knuckles and finger nails so makes me wanna there something that im doing w..."
Posted: by Bendy
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"Ok most of us have a stronger hand when twirling - this is usually the lead hand when learning new moves etc.Many people have a preferred direction to turn (eg I find turning to my left..."
Posted: by curse
Last Reply: by breaker
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"I need more moves, but for glowsticks and help on what is the best length that the string should be in order for you not to get hit."
Posted: by Dut
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
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"I'd like to hear a good discussion of grip styles, since other people were asking too in the glowstick thread.What grips do you currently use? How do you minimize rubbing/cutting? Did y..."
Posted: by RyeBread
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"Hadnt seen anyone explain a trick like this, but with the poi travelling in a reverse spin in front of your body, bend down close to the ground and let the poi wrap from the outside of ..."
Posted: by Tracered
Last Reply: by The Welcome Matt
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"OK, so I have the one handed butterfly down backward and forward with no problems. Pretty much, I could sit there and do it all night if I was so inclined. It seems, however, that ..."
Posted: by Dut
Last Reply: by Dut
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"So, I've gotten forward and reverse weave (I like to think of them as overhand and underhand, but that's just me). I can turn full, fluid circles in either direction and change directio..."
Posted: by Berno
Last Reply: by frodus
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"Can anyone explain EXACTLY what a wrap is...I read and read and read the lists of amazing sounding wraps, but *cough cough* I just dont get it.Is the chain of the poi actually "winding"..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by phunky
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"Started practicing again and came up with something.Anyways, if you're into btl moves you know that you can enter and exit the poi from infront and behind.The added twist is starting wi..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
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"Come on guys here's one for you. I need to know how to do the weave behind your back. Any little tricks to allow me to master this incredibly difficult move.cheerspeace outgarbo "
Posted: by DocLiquid
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
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"Ok, I'm an experienced wrap artist and use colorchange wraps consistently throughout my routine, so I AM NOT A NEWBIE to this. This may sound like a dumb question, but what exactly is ..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Tracered
Views: 1590    Replies: 19
"what's teh best thing to learn first, I've been working on teh butterfly but it's really still eluding me, my left hand just can't keep the spin on teh right plane, and it ends up looki..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"Right'o , got this one down the other day whilst having a poi session with Kaot in the park!Sort of a 4 beat windmill then some!as you do 2 beats infront then as you stick them behind y..."
Posted: by modo13
Last Reply: by PK_
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"i was wondering if any one could help me i would like to know how to do an atomic simble. ive heard it can be done but ive never seen it."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by PK_
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"You know... i have tried for soo many BTL butterfly... i cant do it... these are my problems...1-Sometimes they crash 2-other times they attach each other bleh3-Other times i do it righ..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Kyrian
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"Ok, it looks like a weave. I even tried describing it over the phone to someone and they said it sounded like a weave... but it bothers me. it doesn't &lbr;i/ feel /i&rbr; like a weave...."
Posted: by Organized Kaos
Last Reply: by Kyrian
Views: 2348    Replies: 27
"yup,,,so the weave was one of the first moves I learned (or thought I learned) and recently I was watching the video of the weave and I realized that the way I'm doing the weave is pret..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by alterego
Views: 2154    Replies: 25
"I mean those move are with short strings?? or with the normal size strings...if they are like that how in the hell you can do it?!?! i still can figure out how... thats impossible! if s..."
Posted: by Bdaze
Last Reply: by Tom
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"Ive been working on a five stroke weave for a while now and i cannot figure it out. so i had my freind over the other day and were hangin out and decide to do some poi. He's been doin i..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Kyrian
Views: 982    Replies: 5
"ok basically what i;m doing is a butterfly on the side and then i bring it up over my head and back down to the other side. sometimes it goes really really smoothly but a lot of the tim..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by Paddy
Views: 1134    Replies: 12
"Did you know you can do this behind the back?Though it isn't quite burning the nose...I'm going to call it..."BURNING THE BUM" w00t!------------------&lbr;&rbr;Dhuong-Vu Truong== &lbr;&..."
Posted: by MrConfused
Last Reply: by MrConfused
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"Kind of got this one by accident today when attempting the reverse btb 5-beat weave (didn't get it completely in the end as I got a bit caught up trying this).Start off in the (forward..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 1033    Replies: 7
"The message is pretty much teh subject. I just find I can't keep my wrists taht close or the balss collide....and advice on this?"
Posted: by Tails
Last Reply: by pozee
Views: 681    Replies: 4
"i just thought i'd ask this question.. i've been doing glowstick poi for over a year now.. and fire poi for a few months.. and my move database is seriously lacking in the fire category..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
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"Ok, first, the whole alternate butterfly thing. I am doing pretty well if i just move my top hand over my shoulder and then back again, but that's it. I can only do my right. Any sugges..."
Posted: by peng32087
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"Hey everyone. Where on the web can I go to learn how to do wraps? All I find are jsu the normal twirling around stuff, ie butterfly, corkscrew. what are some good sites to go to for wr..."
Posted: by SaggyD2034
Last Reply: by DocLiquid
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"Alright,i started glowsticking about 3 or 4 months ago, i started because there was a blacklight party, and it got me going, my heart pouned the first time i saw them spin, i was in awe..."
Posted: by karate kid
Last Reply: by karate kid
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"i have a new move. i started out doing the butterfly while lying on my back. that was a year ago. people here like that. of course in phoenix, arizona, there aren't to many good stringe..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by phunky
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"Here's something i've been working on.-start with your left hand forward spinning, and your right hand reverse spinning.-Throw the left hand poi through your legs infront and throw your..."
Posted: by Rick aka Loki
Last Reply: by SteelWngs
Views: 2352    Replies: 13
"Alrighty, in Capoeira we call this au sem mao (but with squigglies over some of those letters... anyhoo...)This is something I've been working on for a while. I look gimpy when doing it..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"I was playing around with this infront of a window and in theory it should work...I was inspired by my new fondness of contact juggling and Glass's "Contact Staff"Basically the idea is ..."
Posted: by juggles
Last Reply: by juggles
Views: 1885    Replies: 11
"This is a combonation of four tricks thrown together to make a circle. You do one rotation of each move and go on to the next one.First you do a corkscrew on your right with the poi spi..."
Posted: by N8
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 4666    Replies: 42
"Ok, so I saw a kid do this at a rave I went to last weekend. It was mind blowing. its like a varriation of the weave, short strings, with glowsticks.The kid swings both sticks on the ..."
Posted: by Fee
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
Views: 2068    Replies: 18
"Well well well, here i was yesterday practicing with unlit poi.... when all of a sudden in the middle of an over head loop,i feel this CRACK at the base of my neck/head, youch..... look..."
Posted: by MalkavDeSade
Last Reply: by Jello
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"with short strings, theres a move you can do the looks like a horizontal windmill. i think its called a corkscrew. however, i've seen people add a variation to it that i cant for the li..."
Posted: by Demonthesys
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
Views: 1335    Replies: 13
"Hey, i dunno if u ppl already new about this but i kinda did it on accident and thought it was cool looking enough to the middle of ur poi routine or whatever try grabbing on..."
Posted: by DiL
Last Reply: by nasu
Views: 1392    Replies: 2
"Yea so i am just not understanding them, so if you could help me (or if you know where there is a clearer instuctional vid on these 2) then email me or IM me o0 ..."
Posted: by phartbreath
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
Views: 1417    Replies: 6
"ok.. still can't get a real 5 beat weave, but ran accross this fake vertion last night.assuming ya know how to 'roll' threw from a forward weave turn 180d and spin into a reverse weave...."
Posted: by DocLiquid
Last Reply: by The Welcome Matt
Views: 691    Replies: 1
"Need some help with 4 poi moves, if anybody knows any moves I can do with 4 poi it would be very helpful. Been working on a one handed butterfly with both hands at once, but can anyone..."
Posted: by tallicaburton
Last Reply: by NightShade1
Views: 1412    Replies: 13
"I don't want to be so bold as to suggest something, because, well, hell. This site is the best resource on the Web for poi, and when compared with other resources of this nature it is *..."
Posted: by Shaolin Monkey
Last Reply: by The Welcome Matt
Views: 854    Replies: 2
" If anyone has any info on four poi moves please let me know. So far ive got down a four poi alternate corkscrew type thing. Each hand has one poi on the thumb(I twist one finger loop..."
Posted: by robingreenshoes
Last Reply: by robingreenshoes
Views: 766    Replies: 6
"Sorry if this is really simpple but i just can't figure it out. I can do the corkscrew and I can come out of the corkscrew into a backwards split swing but I can't figure out how to get..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by pozee
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"okay i know what you are all thinking, this has been covered, or has it...not talking about 1 person passin gthe poi, i am talking about 2 people doing forward side circles facing each ..."
Posted: by Lightwister
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
Views: 1141    Replies: 14
"Does anyone know a kool transistion from "the weave" to something behind and over the head. Peace all...."
Posted: by GodlovinSponge
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
Views: 782    Replies: 5
"I was just messing around with two poi in my hand one on my pinky and the other on my pointer.. and all of a suden I did a weave... Unfortunately I can only do the weave once before it ..."
Posted: by Axis
Last Reply: by Axis
Views: 1457    Replies: 18
"Hi y'all!I was wondering what different planes, combinations and positions you can perform the classic 'atom' move where the poi spin at right angles to each other, producing a trail li..."
Posted: by firepriestess
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 1180    Replies: 12
"Hey! wheneva i light my poi they only seem to stay alight for about 3 mins and im finding it very frustrating as it means i don't have time to try all my tricks. How can i keep them ali..."
Posted: by xtremravr...was here..
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
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Posted: by RaVeRxSurGe
Last Reply: by Mark P
Views: 1928    Replies: 22
"okay guyz.. i learned thread the needle and split time thread the needle a long time ago.. and i never almost never ever ever use it in any of my performances/clubs/or at raves down her..."
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