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Posted:OK, 2 things:#1, Any good ways of going into or out of the overhead weave?And #2, Got down the BTB weave, RBTB weave, X3$X4 Corkscrews, BTB 360 Etc. Can't flow from one to the other. Any thoughs?

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Posted:moving you over to the poi moves forum.

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Posted:What is the overhead weave?And you can do all those incredible moves but have learned no transitions? Are you serious?Not trolling..really!-prote


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Posted:i do a low wave to change my weave direction, the overhead is simple, throw the poi out, and snap them back going into a reverse weave, behind the backmaybe start with a butterfly behind the back first, then a low wave then behind the back weave...------------------~ Tiger, Tiger, burning bright... ~

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Posted:Are you talking about an overhead weave or a behind the head weave?For overhead weave... well do a regualar weave and move your hands up
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As for a behind the head weave pretty much anything goes also, i find doing a windmill to bth looks alright.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====



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Posted:Well yes you can get them fluid... thats for #2 bit hard the transition from quadruple corkscrew to BTB but man after the quadruple corkscrew do this transition.. Quadruple corkscrew-->weave--->BTB weave its easier i dont kno wtf is a overhead weave... you get me lost there... never heard of that move
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