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Posted: What I find that helps me the best to learn thing is to just use one hand at first. It seems to be the easiest way for me to learn something new. I pretend I have 2 but only use 1. Then you switch with the other hand, after you got the feeling or can do it pretty damn good with 1 hand, now try 2. Maybe it's just for me but try it out and tell me if ya learned something new!

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Posted:There's a lot of theory concerning this style of learning, which focusses on the "interchangability" of left and right hand patterns.For most people, learning a pattern with the strong side of the body makes it much easier to then swap the learning onto the weaker side.It's not for everyone, but has a high success rate.Overall, the accepted rule so far is to learn the pattern with the right, and then practices twice or three times as much with the other, once the patterns been learned.Good on ya, Phenaly, very insightful observation...
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Posted:Specially good to learn those BTB weaves


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