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Posted:Yehaw! For most of monday night I was trying to start on this 4,200 word paper due on the 4th. I find it quite depressing considering I was supposed to have started around July, so I picked up my poi. Lo and Behold... I successfully did a 4 beat weave once! Now, after nailing my left shoulder blade a quadrillion times, I figured out I need to make my crossover with my left hand higher up, and tilted more, so i don't nail my head/shoulder. It has taken me a while, but now I can snap right into a 4 beat weave! It is SOOOOOO satisying!! I could JUST spin that ALL night and be happy....it feels soooo good. I was wondering if when doing the 4 beat weave people feel that they move their left poi a little higher then usual. Considering I'm curving this hand around my right I think it makes sense I should spin a little differently, but I just want to make sure... 5 beat will take me a while...but since I am having SOO much trouble with btb hopefully the 5 beat will satiate my poi hunger and i won't have to go outside and suck blood from goats and/or babies... Thanks for listening, i'm very happy
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Posted:congratudiddlyations!! love that feeling of satisfaction when things suddenly click!just gonna move you over to poi moves...
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