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Posted: by Marlboro
Last Reply: by Charles
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"After seeing the COL vids there was only one guy (apologies for forgetting ya name) doing some throws. After a poi session last night I dreamt up loads of poss throws which should flow ..."
Posted: by clare
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"i need full, slow instructions.pretend i am a mentally retarded non-twirler, then try and explain.(i have the worst trouble visualising written explanations)"
Posted: by tallicaburton
Last Reply: by TranceKuja
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"I finally figured out this whole wrap thing. It was like one of those riddles where you just CAN'T get it, but then someone points 1 little thing out, and *poof*, the answer is right th..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by ShawnF
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"In doing a search on wraps I found it difficult to sort through them all. Most of the post turned into conversations about one particular wrap or glow/fire arguements What I would lov..."
Posted: by RaVeRxSurGe
Last Reply: by toneman
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"Umm... from what I have seen, you guys around homeofpoi have been really focusing on your twirling. You've been focusing on your 5 beat 360s, btb weaves and 360s, quadrable corkscrews,..."
Posted: by LightHouse
Last Reply: by yashiro
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"Ok its sad to say this but I still CANT get the butterfly going but every other move i have down perfect. No matter how i approtch the butterfly (Fast or Slow) I always smack the sticks..."
Posted: by clare
Last Reply: by Jaeden
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"mmm.. i tried spinning with 4 poi last night (one handed corkscrews with both hands) and it was the biggest kick. havent had a rush like that in such a long time. theres just fire EVERY..."
Posted: by RaVeRxSurGe
Last Reply: by jonathan
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"Hey I've been doin 360 btb weaves for a while now and btb butterfly handcuff wraps and btb weave wraps... I'm just wondering... are there any more BTB moves left out there? Besides btb..."
Posted: by Bdaze
Last Reply: by Dom
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" Ive been having trouble getting down smooth wraps. whenever i try them they slow down so much that it doesnt flow. and also reversals. is it just me or do they just look plain un profe..."
Posted: by redmow80
Last Reply: by tallicaburton
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"just recently i got the behind the back weave down. it took me two weeks and i'm pretty relieved that my rists now have the feel for it. although every once in a while i still walup mys..."
Posted: by Maximus
Last Reply: by NYC
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"You know how the poi speeds up as the cable shortens when you are doing a wrap? Well, this is an example of a principle in physics called the conservation of angular momentum."The angul..."
Posted: by Bdaze
Last Reply: by Orin
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" i bet this isnt a new move but i havenmt seen it anywere else. if is is a new move i wanna call it the onion blade. because thats what it looks lik. if it snt a new move feel free to m..."
Posted: by Jerk
Last Reply: by phunky
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"Hi everyone. I have been practacing often, and i was able to learn all the moves listed here on the lessons. I need help creating a great routine. I show off my skillz to some of my fri..."
Posted: by redmow80
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"i would have to say that one of my long term goals in the use of poi (or whatever you want to call them) is to encorporate acrobatic flips into a routine. i have seen it done once and i..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by firestorm
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"So you're doing your forward low wave. For ease of explaining the move will be done with the right hand though i can be done on either side. Anyways, from forward low wave when your r..."
Posted: by Cute Little Burning Ball
Last Reply: by Jaeden
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"Hello, perhaps this has already bin asked a thounsend (1000) times, but egal, Also my problem ist that i have tried to get the Btb reverse weave (the foward habe ich schon, cool!!!) and..."
Posted: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Last Reply: by PK_
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"Ok when I do TTN I always seem to rotate the just alittle its like my strings have a mind of there own. How can I stop this? Or is it just a thing that happens?"
Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by glowshow
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"I am able to do the basic moves on the site, as well as chasing the sun, forward and backward weave, low and high turn and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to go from on..."
Posted: by karate kid
Last Reply: by firestorm
Views: 1844    Replies: 19
"does anyone know of any device that can measure the speed of the glowsticks on strings? people tell me that they've never seen anyone spin so fast as me. it makes me wonder just how fas..."
Posted: by WuGgaRoO
Last Reply: by DocLiquid
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" trying to get this move down..and i feel that im pretty close to getting the ultimate it worth knowing?? true...its hard learning the rev 5 beat...then ..."
Posted: by Jesse
Last Reply: by Blue Phreak
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"Anyone have any moves or any ideas for moves that can be used by two people who are spinning together? I know it sounds dangerous and all that, but the more I think about it, the more i..."
Posted: by DIANNA
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
Views: 1065    Replies: 4
"ok i'm shocked i can't seem to get it help anyone got any tips?iv'e spent allmost an hour with my poi staring on the clip but this is the hardest move i have yet to learn....."
Posted: by Blue Phreak
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"ME and a friend a long time back had always tried to get one person lying on their back doing a butterfly and the other weaving between the butterfly but now we have evolved it into muc..."
Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by Ronopotamus
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"Are there any moves out there that allow you to do this? i.e. change the direction your poi are spinning without using a wrap or a turn.I figured out one way to go from backward swingin..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"Something i remember fooling around with a couple of weeks ago (i forget shit).Start off with a butterfly to the left of you. So on your left side it should be a reverse butterfly (ass..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"im reading them and trying them out now "
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by phunky
Views: 1929    Replies: 22
"Besides the one of the page i will like to see some... i got a new move but i dont have a camara bleh..Any of you with video camaras show new moves that would be GREAT!!! and i like l..."
Posted: by LPH
Last Reply: by phunky
Views: 1904    Replies: 8
"hey all , probably some of you have caught it quite awhile ago ,but yesterday i was playing and i came up with TTN when 1 hand is under the leg .started with aregular TTN ,then the rig..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by phunky
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"From reverse btb weave. When its on your right side going to the left, open your legs and let your right and then left poi go through your legs so the poi spin through at split-time. ..."
Posted: by Belrock
Last Reply: by Mushinkato
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"instead of going out with glowsticks, or don't wanna pay the cash right now for a begginers kit, or are just tired of hitting youself in the face while trying to learn the basics of the..."
Posted: by Belrock
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"after reading the post, i went and tried this with a friend of mine. The trick is difficult and requires 2 people with good skill and VERY good timing. stand back to back with a buddy,..."
Posted: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Last Reply: by Belrock
Views: 1902    Replies: 19
"The Weave, Butterfly, and Crossover.In the butterfly family I can do one handed,and behind the back. I can also do Crossover to Weave and back again.But the thing is, I can't figure wha..."
Posted: by TranceKuja
Last Reply: by redmow80
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"I've been trying to learn a Mexican wave where it goes on for over 4 side switches. However, my strings cross around the second one.I can do the alternating butterfly, and i have alrea..."
Posted: by Organized Kaos
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"I wuz just sitting around with sum friends today and I got the maddest idea ever, I tied a glowstick to the end of two five foot ropes...spinning them looked incredibleits alot harder t..."
Posted: by Spin Doctor
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
Views: 1172    Replies: 13
"I am just wondering, at what rate do you generally tend to learn tricks? I've been spinning poi only for a little bit... But I'm wondering, how long practising would it take on average ..."
Posted: by Izabil
Last Reply: by Dom
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"Hello:I may be performing in a medieval journey (recreation of the medieval environment near a castle) animating a castle or the streets near it, soI need to know what kind of animation..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Last Reply: by Bendy
Views: 555    Replies: 1
"What is a buzzsaw and how do you do it? I have heard about this thing a lot, but I don't think I have ever seen it..."
Posted: by TranceKuja
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 1748    Replies: 12
"I was wondering if anyone tried any acrobatic moves while using poi/staff. For example, one of my friends tried twirling a string while doing cartwheel-not to successful.First, I guess..."
Posted: by xman
Last Reply: by Bendy
Views: 768    Replies: 3
"ive been working on this move where split time one poi follows the other like a wheel.someone told me that its like doin a 5 beat weave, just keep repeating the beats, but it doesnt see..."
Posted: by Belgarath
Last Reply: by Stone
Views: 1491    Replies: 15
"Ok let me start off in my defence:1. I have no idea what people are calling this move therefore couldnt search for it.2.If its been posted before im going to post it again. SorryStart w..."
Posted: by tri_harder
Last Reply: by Hitokage
Views: 1267    Replies: 8
"Simply...WHAPO...ah..bugger...then slowly but surely here comes the pain. Down on one knee...then collapse into grimising pulp, grasping testicles, pulling them back out of your throat,..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Last Reply: by Kinnie
Views: 1002    Replies: 9
"Does anyone have any full REALLY detailed explanations of ways to do the BTB weave? I have been trying to figure it out off the lesson page on HOP, but I doesn't do anything for me. I..."
Posted: by Organized Kaos
Last Reply: by jonathan
Views: 1747    Replies: 9
"Last night I was competing with my friends at swinging glowsticks and though I'm better when it comes to the swinging itself, i have no footwork at all...kan anyone hook me up with sum ..."
Posted: by redmow80
Last Reply: by pozee
Views: 1723    Replies: 4
"i don't know what this manuver is called buts it's when you're doing somthing close to the mexican man and you sudenly counterwrap your legs with the actual rope of the poi. you do this..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"ok i can do every move on the poi lesson beside that all kind of wraps to switch from weave style to butterfly style ummmmFountains, BTB fountains,BTB tread on the needle helcopter tre..."
Posted: by Psylentz
Last Reply: by glowshow
Views: 1799    Replies: 19
"i found something that gets alot of attention on a floor or in front of a crowd is starting off with simple raver glowsticking and just at the right time throwing your poi out and start..."
Posted: by DIANNA
Last Reply: by DIANNA
Views: 1083    Replies: 13
"ok, so i have this new move i take my poi and start to to a back wards spin but i let my sholders get in the way this wraps around my shoulders and goes normal back wards spin were i j..."
Posted: by Mushinkato
Last Reply: by Mushinkato
Views: 850    Replies: 5
"Is it possible to do the thread the needle move in split time / alternate time (either direction) as opposed to same time .... if that makes sense ????? ------------------Kato"
Posted: by Skeks
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
Views: 1013    Replies: 1
"Use a string or chain long enough to go from your hand, around your elbow, then back to your hand with enough left to swing the poi. I usually use underhand. You swing it, and let go ..."
Posted: by DocLiquid
Last Reply: by phunky
Views: 800    Replies: 2
"Ignorant question perhaps, but what exactly is a wrap and release? I've done nearly every wrap I can think of as well as almost everyone posted, but what is this novel idea of wrap and..."
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