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Posted: o.k. its raining in rotorua so instead of poiing im sitting here like a fool....these moves are for one handed butterflies, carrying one in each hand, i hope you guys can follow itas i see it theres 4 basic moves you guys should be thinking about when youre doing four Poi, 1) step back with the left foot 180 deg anti, step round with the right 180 deg anti, both butterflies come over the elbow as the left foot moves, and come under the elbow as the right foot moves. this can be done with the right foot moving first as well! (but going clockwise instead)2) same as the first but butterflies go under elbows as left foot moves and over elbows as right foot moves. again if you want to move the right foot first go clockwise and it will all be good!!3) step back 180 anti with the left foot, left butterfly goes under, right butterfly goes over. as the right foot comes around the left butterfly goes over and the right goes under. if you want to do it starting with the right leg, make the right butterfly go under............4) this is the most ungainly of the first set of moves i figured out, its similar to three.........move left leg 180 anti and bring left butterfly over and right butterfly under, then step through with the right and bring the left butterfly under and the right overnow thats just a general guide to the footwork i found was the easiest when teaching myself how to do 4 Poi, obviously its a case of different strokes for different folks. theres heaps more moves out there with 4 Poi, even variations on the figure eight 2 beat weave or whatever you call it (im still to lazy to get on top of the terminology) when the Poi are moving at different times and meeting at the sides rather than the top and bottom of the arcs.hhhmmmmmm i found that one of the hardest things to do with 4 initially was just getting the blasted things going!!!!! hahahaha aaaaah yes many fruitless hours wasted beaning my head trying to get them spinning. now i didnt have anyone to tell me this, but if some of you can move about with a butterfly, get one going and have another Poi handy so you can get the hang of doing it with three. much easier and less painful!doing 4 might seem like a mission, but if you guys are like me, the years (getting on for 6 now, no wonder my bones creak!!) just shoot past and in no time at all you'll all be going sweet! thats not so hard after all so i hope that gives you guys something to think about when youre wondering what sort of moves are out there!!!*looks out window*yes its stopped raining!!!!!!!!!!!!! [This message has been edited by jonathan (edited 05 December 2001).]

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