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Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by sundancer
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"hey everyone, is anyone out there doing any bolo work? two short chains with balls on both ends? please share!!!-flavio"
Posted: by creatureface
Last Reply: by Nomad
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"i've been spinning fire, mostly with clubs, sometimes staff, and, having just returned from new zealand, poi...for a few years now and i'm finally starting to feel ready to put together..."
Posted: by protozoa
Last Reply: by bobrob
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"Last night we had a spin jam here in Baltimore, MD. Now I have to tell you that Baltimore can most accurately be described as a drinking town with an (american) football problem. So i..."
Posted: by Frenzie
Last Reply: by Frenzie
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"hmm unsure of the spelling but we used to do them horse riding.Found an interesting move involving 2 people on the "moves sent in by visitors" passing butterfly sorta thing. Just wonder..."
Posted: by Peregrine
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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" you do what is called on this site as the low wave (I always wanted to call it the hip flip but anyway)...if you stop alternating from front to back the poi end up doing reverse..."
Posted: by Timmy
Last Reply: by Finn
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"Has any-one managed to do a 5 beat weave behind their back? Any hints, as I keep coming close, but then almost killing myself! All help greatly appriciated,Tim /|\"
Posted: by manganate
Last Reply: by manganate
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"Here's an interesting move. But I think it'll only work with glowsticks.If you're swinging two glowsticks (on one string, one on each each) using two colors (one as the grip stick one ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Zohar
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"How on earth does the 5 beat work? I start with a standard weave but when my wrist wraps around my left and I shift to left the strings always get tangled. How do I correct this?Also ..."
Posted: by Simos
Last Reply: by juggles
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"emmm since maeon mentioned sharing is good (hehe now everybody knows you are here again ), i'll share my first experiences from the newly discovered (for me) and painful (believe me yo..."
Posted: by juggles
Last Reply: by juggles
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"Basically what you do is do the corkscrew to the right only doing twopoint on the bottom and two on the top. Then transfer into a three pointweave. Then transfer into the corkscrew to t..."
Posted: by Oats
Last Reply: by Oats
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"Right, hey one and all.I've been doing poi for about 2 weeks now, i'm still on the basics, Butterflys, weaves and windmill, just trying to get them going smoothly. But now that i'm conc..."
Posted: by funkenflug
Last Reply: by Finn
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"Hi there!Ive been following developments on this board for quite some time now and i think it really rocks. Its great to finally have a forum for sharing our thoughts on an activity we..."
Posted: by Timmy
Last Reply: by Timmy
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"Well, I thought of this, but haven't tried it yet (I'm ill, and it's raining SO hard outside ) Do a 3-beat weave. Right then, the "wheel" bit it travelling from right to left to righ..."
Posted: by ViciousSpinner
Last Reply: by Simos
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"What's up everyone? I've been spinning (glowstix) for almost 3 years now... found out about this site a couple months ago... and just found out about the message board... I'm always loo..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Sorry...forgot this one which can be used with staff or if you have the knack of the two poi in one hand (which I don't have) then I imagine that would be pretty awesome with this.WORD ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Chris
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"Hi All,I'm just wondering if anyone knows an elegant way of going from two poi spinning forwards at sides, to two poi spinning in opposite directions at sides which can be done at speed..."
Posted: by B
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"Ok - didn't know what to call it.Giant windmill, but turning around.. erm.So you start one arm doing a large circle, and the other follows it, basically your arms are always 180 degrees..."
Posted: by Jeff Duncan
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"in jo's video he does a butterfly but the poi cross at the sides and not the top.also he does this alternating on each side of his bodyi would love to know how to do this."
Posted: by adamrice
Last Reply: by Jo
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"Not sure if this really qualifies as a new move--it's really more like a variant on an existing move:After I got reasonably comfortable with the 5-beat weave, I realized I could change ..."
Posted: by moonglow
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I was just making some practice poi for a friend and having attached the balls to either end of a cord began wondering about all the comments about kusari gama etc .. and wondering what..."
Posted: by Sunshine
Last Reply: by Jeff Duncan
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"*quite possibly already been discussed but here goes*I'm sure they must but I have only seen one peron do it. It looks lovely. I don't know the right words in use here but its two circl..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I don't know, maybe it would work for long ones as well but having been inspired by Xaeda's fantastic videos I thought I might post this one. If these have been done then I am sorry.Yes..."
Posted: by Simos
Last Reply: by Jeff Duncan
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"Drake - thanx for the post... i've tried the move in split time and it does look good indeed - i don't know if you have found any difficulties switching sides with in-time butterflies..."
Posted: by Keith
Last Reply: by o-o
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"Lacking any degree of creativity, I happily plagiarise from other arts. this is one I've stolen from the Chinese martial arts weapon called the steel whip. Actually, the steel whip is..."
Posted: by valkyrie
Last Reply: by o-o
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"Okay, here's a move I made up that I haven't seen anywhere else. The timing is tricky, but it is possible.Start by spinning in front of your body, both chains traveling in time either ..."
Posted: by Chris
Last Reply: by sammie
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"I've been messing about with wraps recently and found a very easy but effective one for a real quick and smooth change of direction.While spinning poi forward you put your hands under y..."
Posted: by ALIBABA
Last Reply: by Drake
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"firstly the 360 weave.after you can change from forwards to backwards weave on either side you can just spin round. the faster you get the further the poi get from you and you get a di..."
Posted: by Simos
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"Another easy move folks - i bet some of you never tried it though...1) swing the poi in reverse and in time2) cross the poi in front of you3) when they reach the highest point of their ..."
Posted: by Rick aka Loki
Last Reply: by crispyx
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"Peace and Love to everyone! Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Days and nights.I'm trying to figure out how to flip while using poi. Does anyone do this in their act?Without poi, I ..."
Posted: by Drake
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"simos described a butterfly weave, well thats all dandy and fun but try it with split time butterflys on each side. you can do it fast and it looks really great, especially from the fro..."
Posted: by Simos
Last Reply: by xaeda
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"well probably others have come up with these moves too but i hope it gives some start points for new moves to some of you (oh god i don't know how to start describing it):well basically..."
Posted: by xaeda
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"hey :) I posted this on another thread on the main board, but I thought I'd transfer it over so it doesn't get lost in the piles of messages :) It's a garbled writeup of a ground move ..."
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