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i think i just nailed the 3 beat weave!!! *wo0-ho0* i feel like a poi-god...

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Congrats. I think that's the biggest single "step" I've gotten to so far. Everything else seems to build relatively smoothly after that. Going from "not knowing the weave" to "knowing the weave" is the toughest to teach and learn.Granted I've yet to try behind the back.
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Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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ur tha man rex, keep on poi'in


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I'm with NYC..that weave one was a tough step. :P After that everything else just seems...possible. :P I just nailed recently the behind the back, weave, turning from one direction to the other. :P(all behind the back) I feel like a poi-god too now. heh (At least technically....not artistically)------------------ [PLUR]-=Crazy Raver Dude=-


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That's how I felt when I nailed it I used to say I'll never get that move it's impossible, but now i'm unstoppable
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Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi

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Cool rex keep on learning the art of poi.that is a move i am still working on

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I bet you can't pick up 2 pieces of string/shoelaces/towels/anything long and thin, and not swing them. WARNING, now you have reached this point, not twirling is bad for your health.------------------Your parents were wrongFire is good Play with fire


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ooooooo! i was hellexcited when i learnt the weave last week!no amount of teaching from my ex helped, but when a friend picked up my poi and weaved INSTINCTIVELY (hed never tried before. i was sooo jealous) he had the patience to slow it down to 3 moves for me. (cross hands, swivel body, cross hands again)it took so long he made me put socks on the end of my chains. then just hold the socks. then hold nothing at all and just move my hands. that worked.and yeah, all week ive been twirling pens, shoelaces, pencilcases on cords etc. terrified ill forget how to do that funky move.

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mmm, learning the weave opens up up so much for, BTB, reverse, horizontal, everything, its major step, and really, its such a cool move to, fairly simple with an awesome end effect, for a really long time, i thought i was weaving but was doing some funked up thing that only invoved half a spin on each side of the body, and i couldnt really build any other moves onto that, but now i do it right and it makes all the differnce in the world. yeah, and just a suggetion to all those people who now are compulsive twirlers as i am, make set of practice poi out of tennis balls and string, they work great, dont hurt, and you can take em everywhere with you. Just punch a hole through the tennis ball with a nail or something of the like, thread the string through the middle(this part is kinda difficult, i found a dowel, with a small hole drilled in one end, works great as a sort of needle), and tie a great big knot on the other side, and tada, insta-poi, plus the weight is pretty damn perfect, and you can say, "heh, im playing with my balls":looks around, realizes everyone already knew this, runs away:

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yessssssss i am very addicted.. walking thru the toy store they other day looking for some kind of small light up toy i could tie to strings... getting weird looks from parents... i think they thought i was a child molester or sumthin
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rex-good job!!! i remember when i first got the 3 beat weave and i thought it was the coolest thing. that is the stepping stone for all the other moves, and it still looks really cool. good luck with poi'ing and keep it up!!

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Yeah NYC, too true!it was like that for me with the staff figure 8!but with rex's prob, I found that teh *next* hurdle for me now is that changing that that vertical weave to a horizontal 'corkscrew' move is proving to be a bitch - i've since given up hope of doing a 'behind the back weave' (cuz it hits me ankle alla time!)Goodonyas for tryin tho!-Me------------------In Australia, It is said that "Twirler with hand in pocket feel cocky all day." =P

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