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Pili pala

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  Posted: When 'performing' the overhead butterfly I vary the move by doing the following:Swing Poi in front then behind the head, back to the front THEN I place my hands behind my lower back. I also vary this by varying the number of swings in each position e.g. two swings in front, two behind the head, going from behind the head to behind the back. Not to be too long winded but you can also do this in split time. P.S. MUST MENTION THAT I PERFORM THE BUTTERFLY IN THE REVERSE DIRECTION AS TEND TO HIT MYSELF IN DELICATE PLACE OTHERWISE!When 'performing' the windmill I do the following:I spin my body mid 'Windmill' 180 degrees (in either direction) which changes the direction of the windmill and also swaps the leader and follower arms. I mix all of this in with the backward and forward weave.P.S. Sorry, if everybody else in the Poi world does these moves anyway, but know nobody else who does Poi.TA

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  Posted:Thanx for the info. Though i knew you can turn a windmill for a while, not too many people do.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====


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