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  Posted: I have a thing that I do with my Practice Poi where I do a wrap around a leg/arm, then throw the counterweight-handle around and it unwraps as the head of the Poi is still wrapping (you've seen this Josh). Quite nice, only when it fully unwraps the head is quite close to my arm/leg.I'm thinking that with fire, the Poi head would be next to my body for too long and would burn.I was practising this today and found if I throw the handle around faster, the Poi never actually does a full wrap. Instead the cord stays straight (kinda looks like a staff) and spins around my leg.I think this way it is similar to (my understanding of) the move described in Auspoiboy's aerial Poi thread except that instead of the Poi spinning around in the air and catching it, the Poi spins around and appendage.I'm gonna work on it this week and you never know, I may be ready to do it with fire on Friday at the Adelaide burn.
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