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Posted: by fake teeth and glue
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"do you ever feel that you'r not actually wanted on here or that you'r an "outsider" (i love the outdoors and have nothing against it) maybe a bit like a newcomer and you don't know anyb..."
Posted: by Cassandra
Last Reply: by phiredancer
Views: 2143    Replies: 27
"Hello beautiful peoplei am not sure where this belong... having not been online for soooo long But i am sure it will be moved into the proper forum if I made a mistake My life has been ..."
Posted: by MiG
Last Reply: by Sym
Views: 3114    Replies: 26
"Ok, this may be asking for trouble, yet another religion thread, but im really hoping that differing viewpoints on this topic will help, rather than hinder.Anyway, i was just thinking a..."
Posted: by Jesse Girl
Last Reply: by FireTwirling.net
Views: 2120    Replies: 18
" I was just curious... Obviously I am a new kid on the block, but I wanted to know when most people start lighting up? How much should you know, how long should you have been spinning..."
Posted: by thor
Last Reply: by eddicted2dnb
Views: 2605    Replies: 26
"i've been swinging poi since febuary (wow that seemed like a long time until i actually wrote it), and just started staff.before i started staff, nothing was sexier or more masculine th..."
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by FoeHammer
Views: 2280    Replies: 19
"I'm really interested to see what you lovely people think the world is, what it means, what your induvidual unique perspective is.Personally, I see the world and life as the same thing...."
Posted: by The Real Fryed Fish
Last Reply: by wouac
Views: 1462    Replies: 21
"Ok, I need as much insite on this as possible. First of let explain were this, and I, am comeing from. The other day i put something up on the board, long story short it got off topic a..."
Posted: by JakBJC
Last Reply: by wouac
Views: 1486    Replies: 10
"I think due to the nature of online foums the outsider feeling is often common. Even whan you're able to talk to new people in situations like uni it can be hard to feel intergrated. I'..."
Posted: by Amanita
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
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"Recently, I've been talking to several crane operators, formwork companies, and the Operating Engineer's union, trying to assess the local Tower Crane situation. I'm waiting for my chan..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by ...{SAFE}...
Views: 2629    Replies: 31
"So I thought Kerry did much better than Bush. Neither did spectacularly, but Bush came out of it looking like a blundering idiot with all his "ums" and "uhs" and his blind idealism.Ker..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 976    Replies: 10
"Though, not really depression...decompression perhaps?I recently went on tour...and what a tour it was!!! I had a fabulous time with many people. Met alot of great people. Had some bump..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by spiralx
Views: 1112    Replies: 6
"Has anyone read any of the "amber books" (The Great Book of Amber, Nine Princes in Amber, Guns of Avalon, Sign of the Unicorn, etc, etc.) I'm really looking for someone who has, and ma..."
Posted: by vanize
Last Reply: by native
Views: 3412    Replies: 25
"The second Gulf War is already hours old, and there are no anti-war posts yet? I'm must say, I'm quite dissillusioned with you guys - I thought you were all on top of this sort of..."
Posted: by pounce
Last Reply: by ...{SAFE}...
Views: 3290    Replies: 16
"so there are 2 friends of mine in vegas who want to create a fire troupe and want me to be part of it. i'd love to be part of it and have a group to practice with again. the problem i..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by ...{SAFE}...
Views: 1771    Replies: 11
"I don't know how easy it would be to do this, but it would be great if we could have the option of replying to a thread, rather than just a specific individuals reply on that thread.At ..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by nearly_all_gone
Views: 2153    Replies: 11
"I think I answered a health question that I've been dealing with for quite some time.I tend to have throat issues during certain times of the year and got an air filter and they got muc..."
Posted: by Psycho_lemming
Last Reply: by JakBJC
Views: 1191    Replies: 6
"Ok I can feel this post is going to take ages to write so be warned it will take even longer to read! Im also aware that I probably shouldnt post it as it makes me very hypocritical..."
Posted: by telic
Last Reply: by Raphael96
Views: 1471    Replies: 3
"I live in NYC (the place, not the guy), NY, USA. And speaking as your faithful financial district pedestrian, I've got a story for you. I was standing on the corner waiting to cross the..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Twisted Clown
Views: 1767    Replies: 2
"Recent threads have brought up the debate over whether it is good for the longevity of your wicks to, immediately they are extinguished, dip them in fuel.Some believe, myself included, ..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 5019    Replies: 28
"I've wondered about the possibility of someone turning up at a fire meet with really unsuitable fuel such as petrol/gasoline; in the dark it would go unnoticed and, given that people of..."
Posted: by The Real Fryed Fish
Last Reply: by Zim
Views: 2455    Replies: 23
" Ok this is going to be a good debate, or its going to bite me in my ass (or arse depending) but here we go <deep breath>Why is it that the majority of people from the UK, Europe..."
Posted: by Dio
Last Reply: by Lillie Frog
Views: 3704    Replies: 32
"My folks are paranoid survivalist religious types, and they subscribe to all sorts of conspiracy-theory publications, which sparked my curiosity as to whather anyone else on these board..."
Posted: by griffin
Last Reply: by griffin
Views: 9653    Replies: 100
"right, been thinking for ages about getting either my nose or tongue pierced, with different reactions from different peoplemates-yer!! go grace!! ill come/hold your hand/get something ..."
Posted: by Lillie Frog
Last Reply: by Lillie Frog
Views: 1002    Replies: 13
"HelloI was doing poi a lot earlier this year, then Ihad to stop because I was ill. Now I am better I have fixed my fire poiand I am doing it again. However I am still rubbish at it. I a..."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by Kyrian
Views: 3829    Replies: 47
"Hey guys...I have been given the opportunity for the job of my dreams... I am going for a job as a part of the learning and development team at work. I have to give a ten min presentati..."
Posted: by coleman
Last Reply: by musashii
Views: 1453    Replies: 16
"an accurate 3d representation of hurricane jeanne as seen from orbit.jeanne is the one that killed 1000 people in haiti earlier this week.scariest thing i've seen in a while if that wa..."
Posted: by Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)
Last Reply: by Mags The Jedi
Views: 1209    Replies: 7
"the site in my sig is meant to offer info on the nature and history of the common fire arts... however, I have run out of info, and no one will contact me with info, even though i ask o..."
Posted: by spritie
Last Reply: by SpitFire
Views: 1674    Replies: 8
"Ok, we have a problem here in town, and I'm looking for some good suggestions on how to deal with it. Problem being, a group of people are putting on a fire performance at the end of t..."
Posted: by orkoss
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Posted: by musashii
Last Reply: by nearly_all_gone
Views: 1474    Replies: 19
"So something happened recently that made me realize I'm off balance, spiritually so to speak, and it's affected me now in my personal life. I guess I realized that I've been so caught u..."
Posted: by Rovo
Last Reply: by ...{SAFE}...
Views: 1446    Replies: 6
"Hi everyone. I haven't posted on HoP in ages. Well, anyways I am taking a trip to North Carolina at the end of September and am wondering if anyone lives near Asheville so we could get ..."
Posted: by Spank
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Posted: by oli
Last Reply: by wouac
Views: 5706    Replies: 48
"i lost a poi. people who know me or have seen me spin, may know the poi. it was red, still is. probably...i loved that poi. its friend is very lonley without it... they taught me so muc..."
Posted: by This_Energy
Last Reply: by 2bags
Views: 1510    Replies: 13
"i think that home of poi should contact 2bags to get a good clear video of him spinning 4 poi for a tutrorial video(i say him cause hes one of the only and probably the best at it)who h..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 1381    Replies: 14
"So for the last 2 weeks i've been completely un-inspired in terms of spinning.I've been happy playing with CJ, but just couldn't get excited playing with staff or poi.But then suddenly ..."
Posted: by MEERCAT
Last Reply: by PyroWill
Views: 4373    Replies: 54
" I know its such a female thing to say ....ooooo how have you lost all that weight .....i thought i was a comfortable weight.... and happy until ...one of my friends just told me that m..."
Posted: by BurningByron
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
Views: 3521    Replies: 40
"I have taken my post from this thread and started a new topic as I felt it needed a home of its own...Written by: "The reason there are so many black players in the NFL and NBA is becau..."
Posted: by griffin
Last Reply: by wouac
Views: 4086    Replies: 59
"silly poetry.silly sad boring crap poetry.from another pathetic teenager.probably stoned...just raging hormonesknow if you're gay or not?(Please not)who do you fancy?are you together?ke..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Mistress Aurora
Views: 2200    Replies: 21
"Mods, feel free to take this down if you like, but I just got this E-mail from Ray and asked him if I might share it with the Board:Written by: RaymundPhule>> Well I am so very s..."
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 4412    Replies: 52
"Thought I would start this thread after reading the news yesterday about the hostages being held at a school in North Ossetian town of Beslan in Russia.My prayers and thoughts are with ..."
Posted: by Zavie
Last Reply: by CaptG
Views: 1664    Replies: 17
"FRENCH POIERS UNITE!!!!hey, Im poing around alone in Paris and looking for people to share experiences (and fun!! YAY!!)It'd be cool to organize weekly or monthly meetings... feel free ..."
Posted: by Domino
Last Reply: by The Phyrefly
Views: 2147    Replies: 3
"The main page was interesting but a little brief, I was wondering whether anyone knew much about the history and evolution of poi?I've done a search but didn't get to far"
Posted: by pengwino
Last Reply: by pengwino
Views: 1641    Replies: 8
"Anyone here know anything about either of the above??I am in a bit of a pickle... my dentist told me this morning I will need at least one, maybe both of my top wisdom teeth removed (ou..."
Posted: by Flame Boy
Last Reply: by andythepoi
Views: 4435    Replies: 30
"I've been contemplating going out onto the city streets and poi-ing to see if I can get some cash (you know...busking), but I've heard you need a license for this, do I? And if I do how..."
Posted: by _Clare_
Last Reply: by Lyra
Views: 2783    Replies: 17
"(sorry if this should be in chat... I couldn't decide)I was just wondering if anyone else in the UK saw the BBC2 film Control Room last night?It was amazing... Jehane Noujaim (a documen..."
Posted: by becka
Last Reply: by H.a.V.a.B.o.R.g.
Views: 2077    Replies: 13
"im sorry if this is in the wrong area but id love to take poi lessons i find it all so fascinating and interesting but round my area in south west england you dont really hear about it,..."
Posted: by The Phyrefly
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Posted: by Lurch
Last Reply: by NOn
Views: 1695    Replies: 5
"I'm guessing I'm not the only one around here with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It doesn't always bother me, it just acts up every once in awhile mainly in my right wrist. Which in turn make..."
Posted: by Anonymous
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Posted: by Amanita
Last Reply: by PyroWill
Views: 1337    Replies: 5
"Arghh! I have to rant now or I'm going to explode.My mother and sister are like this( cross your fingers). Which leaves me pretty much out. Even my sister has observed that my mother is..."
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