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  Posted: I'm guessing I'm not the only one around here with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It doesn't always bother me, it just acts up every once in awhile mainly in my right wrist. Which in turn makes it swollen and ache, obviously.

Now generally I wouldn't complain about it, and since I mainly spin Poi it doesn't annoy me *that* much, but I've been starting to pick up staff the past few days and it tends to be putting more stress on my wrist. I already have abnormally bad rotation and flexibility in my wrists from most people so this is just making it worse.

So who else out there has a similar problem? And anyone got a trick to help out? ubbloco

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  Posted:I have arthritis in my left wrist & tendonitis in my right. I have yet to find anything to help except ibuprofen & tiger balm, but I'm thinking of getting some flexible wrist braces to help with the support. I've seen people with carpal tunnel wearing them too & I would imagine it might help you also. With my staff I try to do alot of wrist & hand wraps rather than grabbing the staff & this seems to help.

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  Posted:have had, now nearly over it. i was given excercises to do by a physio, and also now make absolutely sure i warm up my wrists before anything like staf or club juggling, even Poi.

contact staff also helps ceep the stick away from your wrists...


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  Posted: Poi are definitly less stressful on the wrists than staff.

Have you considered taking up meteors? Many of the moves are staff like, and visually they have the length and straightness (with practice smile) of staffs.

There're also not stressful on the wrists, especially lightweight ones eg with tennis balls for ends.

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  Posted:I used to get physio on my back, hip, and wrists (from the physio for the Great Britain kayak team), following my mountain bike accident.
My wrists also had (still have) tendonitis.

She told me to tape my wrists up with zinc oxide tape before kayaking, as they used to hurt like censored.
I'm not sure what the tape does, other than support it, or why it has to be zinc oxide, but it worked fairly well.
Just make sure you don't tape 'em too tight- cutting off your circulation would suck even more than CT syndrome! wink

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  Posted:I think that's all the tape does, but zinc oxide tape is good i think because it has less stretch, and therefore more support? However you probably need to get someone to tell you the best way of taping to support it properly, as i once tried to tape up my own knee without knowing and it just ended up hurting more...
What about getting a simple tubular bandage and cutting a thumb hole then wearing that over your wrist for a bit of extra support? You could probably also buy sport supports specifically for wrists - soft onesso you still have movement.

I don't have CT syndrome, i just have a retarded left wrist that doesn't like to bend as much as the other one and keeps getting strained, so maybe check with a doctor whether extra support will make a difference in this case?

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