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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Bit of this. lots of that


Epsom, Surrey, England


Apart from the obvious - Drumming


Burner of Toast Spinner of poi Slacker of enormous magnitude

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Also... bounces/taps off arms/legs/feet or wraps/spiral-wraps over wrists.

True dat

Awww, this makes me sad! For years (at least 4 years...) there was a regular meet in Guildford, which I vaguely helped in running, though it was never really official, just a gather. Gu...

Lessons uploaded

Library > Fire Training > Fire training and safety > Coloured Flames FAQ

Coloured Flames  Uploaded 8 Feb, 2008
Library > POI > Advanced Weaves > Pendulum weave ("1.5s")

1.5 variations  Uploaded 15 Nov, 2007
Library > POI > Buzzsaws & variations > Buzzsaw flowers and fountains

Buzzsaw flowers and fountains  Uploaded 15 Nov, 2007
Library > POI > Advanced Butterflies > Split-time Butterfly variations

Split-time butterfly variations  Uploaded 15 Nov, 2007
Library > POI > Wraps > Basic Airwrap (alt. version)

Basic airwrap tutorial  Uploaded 15 Nov, 2007

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