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What sort of price range/date range have you got?I ask because suggesting you go to common ground in october next year is silly if you've only got a few days and less than a couple of t...

Common. Ground.srsly. If you come to australia, and don't go to CG, i'm going to find you and kick your arse. Or maybe attack you with stockwhips. Or both. Or something.On a somewhat he...

I know someone with a Diesel Van, does that help?

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Library > POI > Advanced Weaves > Forward Weave (5 beats)

Forward 5 beat weave  Uploaded 9 Feb, 2006


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11th October, 2005
"The package i ordered arrived in about a week much less than the three or so i was expecting. Well packaged and it came with a handy sheet with fire and fuel safety information. With some of the best prices I've seen and service like you get I don't know why you'd want to shop anywhere else."
Rhys Ford, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
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