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The Middle lands, United Kingdom


Being a Dad, trying to remember poi, relearning guitar (ukelele) and trying to find that balance between life and work and festival


Let's relight this forum :love:

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19th August, 2005
HoP Service and Customer Support
"As always HoP' Service Level is top notch. Efficient friendly always helpful with any queries and very timely deliveries. Always keeping you up to date with order delivery times and it's progress around the globe I couldn't ask for more :o)"
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18th August, 2005
two better than one?
"When it comes to attachment loops you can bet your bottom dollar two are better! For those who want a little more (ok a lot more) weight on their poi and a whole new look to the fire order a few other these and string them together. Add perhaps 3 or 4 inches of chain between (7cc-10cm) them and spin away."
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