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well sorry to have a winge but i feel that i need to vent......

well here goes .......
ive been feeling low for the last few weeks caused by a mixture of several factors..

birthday blues

university worries mostly due to starting my second year.. and the level of responcibility where in our first years we were not expected to do much on the practical side the second year were expected to do loads.... i suppose im really worried about failure... ive wanted to go down this career path for the last 4-5 years and started last year, after one year i want to do it even more than i did to start of with... ive never been a acadmedic person, exams freak me out majorly
For my end of year exams i passed 4 and failed one so had to resit it
which leads to the point
Someone ive regarded as my closest friend for a few years let me down,
We meet up every thursdays but a few weeks ago i had my resit exam the following day, so i canceled coz i had to cram, after my exam had finished i went round to his house still a little shakey about it, when i got there he was all angry that i bailed the day before, said i had let him down and ruined his and the others there by not coming, i pointed out that this exam was really important,
i was not angry just upset. so i left.
what make it worse that a friend ive known for less than 6 months phoned shortly after to check how it went, made me think if someone i have known for such a short time knows how important this is to me why cant he see it
we have not spoke since
I really hope our frendship does not end over this but i have the feeling im not the one who needs to apoligise but is this right.

and just to put the iceing on th cake my little sisters pergnent and my whole family forgot my birthday
and i have not been able to sleep properly for the last 2 weeks

sorry for feeling sorry for my self i hate winging

and if the person reads this message im not having a pop at you im just feeling really low at th moment

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I don't think overreacting is the right word, it just sounds like one of those times when everything seems to go poo at the same time.

Whilst you aren't the one who owes an apology to your friend, if you want to get things back on track why don't you try talking to him?
Maybe he is in his own world of poo and can't see that he upset you...

and you aren't whinging, you're just letting us know you need extra hugging and love
so, hughughug

hope things brighten up for you soon


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Hey..... you vent all you want. Venting helps!

Firstly I would say to you about the uni course, you can only ever do your best...whatever it is in life, if you know you gave it your all you should never regret it. A failure is someone that never even tries, not someone that tries their hardest even if they do miss the mark at the end.

As to the friend.... Some friends are good at one thing and crap at other things. Some friends you party with , some friends you turn to when you need to cry. Tell the friend how you feel and see what they say. If they are a true friend your relationship will stand up to a bit of honest straight talking.

as for the Family part....well Families are families. I don't know of one family thats perfect.

Happy Birthday, Good health , good fortune and good vibes.

p.s. read your own signature "from poo grows flowers". Very true!

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hey dude hug
Where the 'HAZZAR!' brodie that i know who sends me random pm's to tell me he's happy?
Friends suck. I know that. You know that. Everybody knows that. They let you down sometimes. You just gotta rise above it. Go chat to him, or be at a safe distance and call him. If he dosn't wanna speak, then leave it a lil while. I find petty things like this usually calm down given time, and he'll come to his senses.
As for your family - they suck too. They should'nt have forgotton your birthday. They deserve a right mouthful from me tongue
Heads up for your lil sis hug

Aimz xxxx hug hug

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brodie sandwich!! grouphug

in state of metamorphosis

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Written by: Brodieman_x

from poo grows flowers smile

Just pointing that out for you. I hope all goes well with your friend, and your family smile hug

~ Bobo

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YAY you get to be an uncle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it sounds like you have a good friend that cares about you!!!
And your friends value your presence so much that when you arent around they have a crap time!!!!!!!!!!
You're in uni!!!!!! Thats alone is a testimate to your intelligence and ambition in life!!!!!!!!!!

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It'll all pick up, don't worry dude. Have a hug2 and try not to wallow in it much, you'll just end up dragging yourself down further. Coincentrate on positive things and positive energy will come bounding through the door like an excited child on christmas day smile kiss

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The second year always seems like complete arse! At least you're taking it seriously. Being a member of university staff I can tell you that your lecturers will notice that, and they will try to push through people who are making an effort, so you're on the right track, keep it up.

Your friend might have needed to vent that day and you were just in the firing line. You'll start talking again soon, a true friend isn't going to stay angry about something that, in reality, is completely inconsequential. You need to put yourself first at the moment and not feel guilty about anything.

I really, really hope everything goes well for you.

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thanks for all your loveley comments advice taken

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I have a mate who sometimes gets pissed off if I won't go out, even if theres loads of other people going to be there. I guess its kind of self-centred, assuming that being with them is more important than whatever else you happen to have going on in your life at the time.


If someones putting their happiness above your career in such a petty manner, they really aren't being a friend, and no, you deffinatly have no-one to apologise to. Good luck


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hug Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Everybody has one birthday that sucked, and at least it was an ordinary number, not your 21st.

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I would give you hugs but everyone seems to be doing that so I'll give you a pineapple instead.....

* hands over a large juicy pineapple......*

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wow i love pineapples yay cheers and all the wonderful wugs have been noted too
thank for all your supportive comments n stuff im sure thinks will be ok... im just blameing it all on the mad weather messing with my head lol

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