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Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
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"Having fought for a dozen years to maintain the punishing sanctions against Iraq, the US government is now demanding that they be scrapped.Under international law, however, no one can b..."
Posted: by holly
Last Reply: by Tika
Views: 982    Replies: 6
"ok if anyone is or has been watching the news in the last hour, it is scenes like this that make me sure that this war was the morally right thing to do, even if america has other inten..."
Posted: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Last Reply: by Dio
Views: 2359    Replies: 19
"I really wish I would have written this as soon as I had seen the news story, so please bare with me when I am vauge about names and what not. Today on the news I saw a woman who was e..."
Posted: by fire queen
Last Reply: by i8beefy2
Views: 1693    Replies: 17
"There will be a students peace protest in bath this Saturday the 29th outside the abbey @ 2pm come and show your support and let be known that we will not take this lying down we may no..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Salinger
Views: 1550    Replies: 12
"We love the iraqi information ministerThis cracked me up, this GUY cracks me up! "
Posted: by Dio
Last Reply: by King Of Bongo
Views: 1769    Replies: 13
"This thread isn't about values or ideals, so much as things that have shaped us as people. Whether you're pro-war, anti-war, pro-soldier while anti-war, whichever.... I'd like this for..."
Posted: by Invicta
Last Reply: by DaiTenshi
Views: 2444    Replies: 11
"what i cant see is now the war has been underway for almost three weeks now why cant all the people who are against the war stop shouting "stop the war" and attually support the troops ..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
Views: 10567    Replies: 62
"Rather than get into yet another heated debate I'm finding myself getting caught up by little thoughts of the day that I find interesting.Yesterday I thought: How many 'democracies' ar..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Rozi
Views: 1720    Replies: 12
"So, I have an 8 year old son. He is very aware of what goes on around him and will internalize things unless it really bothers him. Because the media is covering the war to death I deci..."
Posted: by SpArKiE
Views: 830    Replies: 0
"i dunno bout all you guys in everywhere else in the world... but there has been talk here in oz that the war is nearly at its end (YAY!)but really- it cant be as simple as blowing up Ir..."
Posted: by Magnus
Last Reply: by Bubble King
Views: 2974    Replies: 16
"This article more than any other, has made me re-think my views on the war."
Posted: by Taniwha
Last Reply: by -Ba^eX-
Views: 1090    Replies: 7
"I dont really want to talk about the war, but the Iraqi Minister of Propa... i mean Infomation is a real laugh. U just cant take him seriously.How can he say "we have driven them back"..."
Posted: by Astar
Views: 1138    Replies: 0
"New york times quote: One Film, Two Wars, 'Three Kings'By DAVID EDELSTEINHE Iraqi flourishing a white rag and a gun at the United States Army sergeant is far away, a speck on top of a ..."
Posted: by Tosh_Remple
Last Reply: by Aykut
Views: 944    Replies: 5
"What we are being told by the press conflicts all the time with this war, Propaganda is what this war is about.This war could go on for ever, an arab leader said that the west is openin..."
Posted: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Last Reply: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Views: 2584    Replies: 11
"Though I dont hail some of these people as the brightest, and do question how some obtained their places in the higher rated schools of America, atleast they went and graduated.-----Ori..."
Posted: by DaiTenshi
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
Views: 955    Replies: 2
"Heh, fooled you!I'm sure some one was thinking I'd changed my views on the war, but no, no such luck.Rather, "I Was Wrong" is the title of a rather fascinating and moving article I foun..."
Posted: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Last Reply: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Views: 1874    Replies: 6
"Well I just saw on the news how the Brits just got slaughterd in a game of soccer (football) by a local Iraqi team!The Brittish Army challenged a local Iraqi team to a game of soccer, t..."
Posted: by the mind gap.
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
Views: 2129    Replies: 13
"i was watching the news on tv a couple of days ago and the newsreader said, "america is preparing to go to war with indays."now, i haven't been able to find out where this nasty soundin..."
Posted: by Flynt
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 2001    Replies: 9
"Interesting sideline:Something i've noticed over the past few months, is the reimmergance of "military" fashion. Actually, if you take a good look at the fashion you find in your avera..."
Posted: by i8beefy2
Last Reply: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Views: 2210    Replies: 6
"In RE: Dio's post about unlawful combatants.I won't touch the main premiss of your post, because you're quite right about Afghanistan. I will take a stab at the general ideals behind th..."
Posted: by i8beefy2
Last Reply: by i8beefy2
Views: 1573    Replies: 6
"This is my first post in this forum, so let me sum up my views really quick...I am anti-war. I am Amerikan. I trust my government about as far as I can throw it. It has a history of lyi..."
Posted: by Mistress Aurora
Last Reply: by poiaholic22
Views: 3336    Replies: 27
"Here's the Lookie! I found this very interesting.Hope you do to.I thought the French were sorta hiding the reason why they were against joining the US.My friend who is in the air force ..."
Posted: by SpArKiE
Last Reply: by poiaholic22
Views: 7182    Replies: 64
"heres a petition thats being signed by 28338 ppl (at this present moment) from around the world.its a petition for Bush to say no to the war.if you are behind the no war way of life- go..."
Posted: by Zamorghia
Last Reply: by poiaholic22
Views: 1565    Replies: 1
"I am from the US and fitingly hear everyone's opinion on the US's atack on Bagdad every day.I was interesed in hearing the point of views on this topic from people that are not from the..."
Posted: by Robert W M Lim
Last Reply: by Mr Petey
Views: 1693    Replies: 4
"there is a good alternative news site some of you guys might be interested in...lots of stuff you won't find in the mainstream presswww.asia-stat.com"
Posted: by poiaholic22
Last Reply: by DaiTenshi
Views: 2550    Replies: 5
"I've never taken part in any protests myself and sometimes I question the intent of such actions.However,I was reading a newspaper the other day and a quote in one of the articles final..."
Posted: by Robert W M Lim
Views: 2144    Replies: 0
"there is an alternative news site which some of you guys might be interested in.....lots of stuff you won't find in the mainstream presswww.asia-stat.com"
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by poiaholic22
Views: 10037    Replies: 25
"Well, the stupid american government has finally said lets ditch the UN and head off to war with everyone (except spain) against us....time to see how many innocent people die...hoping ..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 3407    Replies: 6
"this is a question of simple reality, not hypothesis as if's, like the US is going to pull out. in the present state of war of US vs Iraq, considering that US will NOT back down and pul..."
Posted: by Astar
Last Reply: by dulce flames
Views: 1496    Replies: 1
"quote:No one inside Iraq is for war (note I said war not a change of regime), no human being in his right mind will ask you to give him the beating of his life, unless you are a member ..."
Posted: by jim bombadil
Last Reply: by lord ender
Views: 3244    Replies: 15
"Just a plea to anyone who is against this war, don't let it happen, Strike if possible, phone sick if you can, get out there and realise our power you are free you can make a difference..."
Posted: by holly
Last Reply: by DaiTenshi
Views: 4602    Replies: 19
"i notice that most of you on hop seem to be adamantly against this war. i was just wondering if anyone thinks that we should go to war? i have spent the last few months totally div..."
Posted: by LuNcHbOx...(Aka. Nathan)-un-single
Last Reply: by Prometheus
Views: 3263    Replies: 9
"i saw a telecast last night on the news...it was the president saying that he was rounding up the clock on those inspections...What The Hell!!!!I mean seriously....i thought this would ..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by musashii
Views: 13591    Replies: 37
"I usually shy away from political debates on HoP for various reasons but I wanted to throw this one out there and see how it landed.Please, let's keep this on this specific topic as the..."
Posted: by _Stix_
Last Reply: by _Stix_
Views: 4188    Replies: 12
"Just had this emailed to me...Thought some people may be interested..**********************************ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERTCalling all British citizens!Join Me for a "Virtual M..."
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