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Carpal \'Tunnel
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sheffield, United Kingdom


off road unicycling, poi, juggling, meteors, happiness


"You can't outrun Death forever. But you can make the Bastard work for it." --MAJOR KORGO KORGAR, "Last of The Lancers" AFC 32 Educate your self in the Hazards of Fire Breathing STAY SAFE!

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"Or, work on spinning slowly, then you won't damage yourself with it I remember when people were breaking noses and chipping teeth with the old 'beaming poi': whether it's beamers, chain..."
"Perhaps it would be useful to move away from senient/not-sentient to the idea of degrees of sentiency.So, in terms of what most humans class as sentience, a dog would be 'less' sentient..."
"I've got both concentrates and flowtoys- I've not had either for long so can't offer any comments on longevity etc, but, in terms of recent spinning-both are good- very nice colours and..."

Lessons uploaded

Library > Meteor > Rotor with meteors > Slow motion close-up of hand positions

Library > Juggling > 3 Balls > 3 Ball Gathering
Gathering all 3 balls Uploaded 2007-12-04 by onewheeldave

Library > Meteor > Meteor pick-up to one-hand-butterfly > Meteor pick-up

Library > POI > Advanced Weaves > Augmented 5 beat weave
View from Side Uploaded 2007-09-25 by onewheeldave

Library > POI > Advanced Butterflies > Albatross
View from Front Uploaded 2007-09-25 by onewheeldave