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Posted: by Jaeden
Last Reply: by Jaeden
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"Not Butterfly! Works much the same as a TTN though, one arm gets pulled back ontop of the other, then flips under and they switch position. Forward is easier.Start doing a figure-8 (sta..."
Posted: by TopHat
Last Reply: by MrConfused
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"Hello EveryoneAdding a little contribution to the Poi moves... I don't know if this has already been covered but when doing a thread the needle, with practise, you can get one of the po..."
Posted: by TrunkZ
Last Reply: by iluminaryfaerie
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"I was wondering what an air wrap was? I have heard about it but never found out what it was also what is a buzzsaw --------------------------------------------------P.L.U.R.Peace.Lov..."
Posted: by TrunkZ
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"What is the difference between a forward btb weave and a backwards btb weave P.L.U.R."
Posted: by Torrent
Last Reply: by iluminaryfaerie
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"alright I know its a simple move but I can do it with catherdral wicks but its painful"
Posted: by Richee
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"Hey!My new girlfriend did 14 years Modern gym. and now shes begin twirlig.I was realy amazed how easy she learned new tricks.She showed me some Club and Rope tricks and I transfer it to..."
Posted: by IanMichaelSmith
Last Reply: by coleman
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"It's the Weave but the poi are spinning in oppoisite directions. Has anyone heard of this being done?"
Posted: by tiamat_22580
Last Reply: by (andrew)
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"TTN? i neeeeeed to know soooon "
Posted: by Austin
Last Reply: by Glss
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"How do people make thousands of tiny sparks fly off their poi while spinning them reeally fast?"
Posted: by Psych
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
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"OK - I couldn't find this in my (admittedly cursory) search of the message boards. If it's got a name can someone tell me what it is? I call it the Opposite Weave. If this explanation i..."
Posted: by AardvarkOnAcid
Last Reply: by simian
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"So...There was something I'm curious about. The way I do a btb weave and the ones I've seen other people do have the hand "pointed forwards". In other words, the point of contact betwee..."
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
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"Everyone is sayin BTB. I'm not sure i kno what that is. Can someone give me a description and/or a movie to help me out cause im confused. I'm still kinda new to this shiznit... &lbr; ..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Richee
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"Only one combination I device and practise with my friends: we are both turn back as closely as possible to doing weave variations and turns...any new idea?? "
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
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"I have recently been adding more beats to my weaves and I am just wondering... I know the forward 5 beat starts on the right hand side, so does the 5 beat reverse start on the left? "
Posted: by markeespark
Last Reply: by jonathan
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"2 in each hand.Theres heaps of stuff, wraps , behind the back weave and much mo."
Posted: by pinkfluffarmband@HC-findme
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
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"Start doing the standard three beat weave in splt time, then slow one of the poi down so they are both in dualing time. Your hands should stay together on the left, together on the rig..."
Posted: by (andrew)
Last Reply: by Flynt
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"okay, this is a work in progress, hope you like it/can help me with it/or laugh at know the picture that won the photo comp? taken and entered by flynt? well its a picture of me ..."
Posted: by Francesca
Last Reply: by NYC
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"Hoy fire people! I need help...and fast! i am in NYC for only a week...and desperately need to stock up on some wick and other fire goodies before i head back to parts less travled. WHE..."
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
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"Aight, this is another pretty tight move if you can get it feels odd at first.first, do a sideways weave (3 beats infront, 3 beats behind {also, start on your right shoulder}..."
Posted: by fire fly
Last Reply: by .Morph.
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"Im stuck i got a set of fire pois from a friend about 3 months ago but they are in need of new wick and i cant find any where to get it from.dose anyone have any idea where i can get so..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Richee
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"So I nailed what I call a "low windmill." It's just like a windmill, but your hands are at your side. You can also do a "middle windmill" with your hands at your shoulders. Anyone kn..."
Posted: by plucho101
Last Reply: by Richee
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"Ok, this is my second day practicing ( as you can see I`m a rookie). So far I got foward and backward wave, normal buterfly, alternate buterfly and over your head buterfly. Now when I t..."
Posted: by Girl From Mars
Last Reply: by Dom
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"i really havent' been spending as much time twirling as i use to. and now that i've started doing it more often again i find myself stuck doing my moves over and over. i have a tendency..."
Posted: by djevca
Last Reply: by bender
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"ive learned 3 moves so far but i cant stop getting tangled up when i do the butterfly.........any tips?????????? "
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by Meneeococoa
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"Hey... I figured this tight move. Dunno if anyone done it before or not, but it's awesome. Aight, it's like this.... You do the weave like normal and try this when u get to the rig..."
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by Meneeococoa
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"Hey, how exactly do u pull off a windmill? cause i think i doin it, but i dunno if that's right or not..."
Posted: by Diamond Poi
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"There are tons of stuff you can do with a weave. I like to randomly move my arms behind my back, over my shoulders, and over my head when I do it. I suppose its not really a move, since..."
Posted: by Kabukiman
Last Reply: by Kabukiman
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"Greetings. So yeah... I've been spinning poi for about four months now, and though I suppose I am good on a technical level, I find my performances to be kind of lacking. When you spi..."
Posted: by flid
Last Reply: by Locofly
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"I don't believe for one second that its a new move, but could someone tell me what its called? Basically from chasing the sun you bend over, so its like the corkscrew only the poi are i..."
Posted: by (andrew)
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
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"i think i just discovered a really tight transition, i only worked it out this morning, but ive allready got it looking real good!ill try and explain it for you, every one who trys it, ..."
Posted: by AardvarkOnAcid
Last Reply: by LuNcHbOx...(Aka. Nathan)-un-single
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"Is it just me or does this look like a "butterfly weave", not a 5-beat reverse weave?=))) HOP Poi Lesson 15"
Posted: by Bram....
Last Reply: by Knagi
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"Okay, I was wondering how the f**k you make the steel wool wicks. That shite is extremely awesome in the piccys"
Posted: by flid
Last Reply: by flid
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"I'm currently in a state of confusion. A few weeks ago I taught myself the corkscrew, from which a few days later the windmill, simply by moving up into standing position. Before that I..."
Posted: by Flynt
Last Reply: by Dom
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"yes, im aware theres probably a million posts on this already, but i've done a search and nothings answered my q, that i found anywaysIn the vid, in poi lessons on HoP the neat guy doin..."
Posted: by Halcyon
Last Reply: by Stone
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"Why can I NOT for the LOVE of GOD get the basic weave down? I can do behind the back butterflies, corkscrews, windmills and all sorts of other advanced move but I just can't get the wea..."
Posted: by markeespark
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
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"opp direction ,open legs both pois go in at same time 1 in frount 1 behind ,turn 180 on the up swing and they come out by themselfs this laeds to the other side in and out left and righ..."
Posted: by Fallen-Memory
Last Reply: by Infescted_tonic
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"i finally got my one handed butterfly ok but ive been tryin to do a simple wrap like forever, its sooo hard! like my friend does this wrap, doing butterfly and then u wrap one arm, i..."
Posted: by Mean not nice guy, that is friendly
Last Reply: by JENZA
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"self explanatory. _______________________have no fear, i is here.: the Pluage."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by nuttyman54
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"thinking of a move like a box so with one hand you do a horiziotal butterfly and the other you do a vert butterfly... giving the illusion of a box. i have to go try this now i havent qu..."
Posted: by CravetheRave
Last Reply: by Havoc
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"Ok, I've kinda got a hold of the reverse weave. The problem is when I come out of my second "loop" my left poi hits me in the head. Is there a way to correct this, or does anyone know o..."
Posted: by Nyx
Last Reply: by Mark P
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"ahem.....just wanted to announce to ya'll that after many leg bruises and repeated fat lips .......i got the BTB 3-beat!!!! yay me! "
Posted: by Mark P
Last Reply: by Mark P
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"Hi Folks,Finally managed to get some half decent piccies of BTN with firebreathe They are a little shakey but show the results quite well Pic 1 Pic 2 enjoy Mark P"
Posted: by gazpritchard
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"I've recently fully learnt how good butterflies can be. Best is, Reverse bf in front then weave to right then left then right etc, on the same timing as normal weave forwards on 1 side..."
Posted: by jonathan
Last Reply: by Shinova:thefiredemon
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"this isnt really a new move as such, but it is an interesting observation i made earlier on today that some of you guys may find useful/ be able to comment on.two one handed split time ..."
Posted: by markeespark
Last Reply: by markeespark
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"its just as easy as it sounds.from behind back c'n'f leave right poi 1 beat so it wraps 1 round left upper arm bhnd back.turn left 180 and let it out.mmm mmm thats the taki"
Posted: by Shinova:thefiredemon
Last Reply: by DRAGULA
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"I was learnin' the "Chasing the sun" move and it just wasn't workin' i just made a new one. I know how to do it. It is just mine is easier to do coz they don't tangle so much....."
Posted: by corbin980
Last Reply: by shizN0T
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"I have a Question . How do you turn, but at the same time have the poi going around your body in a wheel effect. Its like its parallel to your body and turing in a wheel at the same ..."
Posted: by Fire Monkey
Last Reply: by bender
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"has anyone tried this its quite hard but i'm new to this and it seems fairly simple so thought i'd spread the idea , all you do is when the poi get to the ground put your arms through y..."
Posted: by yummi
Last Reply: by Becca
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"Okie well everything I have read on the site so far didn't work so I totally tranced out and looked at the wee little video of some hot guy doing the BTB weave like for ten or fifte..."
Posted: by Charlotte
Last Reply: by DocLiquid
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"Hi everybody...I bet I didn't invent this combination but I came up with it while practising yesterday...It's damn sweet and not hard at all.Start by swinging the chains forward in time..."
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