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There's been quite a bit of discussion about the names of moves and I wanted to clear something up. Nothing is set in stone. We here are merely trying to establish a convention by which to name poi moves. There is no "fact" or "right or wrong". But there is a generally accepted definition of each move.

I believe that most people call things "weaves" and "corkscrews" because of the worldwide influence of the Home of Poi.

If a poi pioneer in one country starts naming a move one thing and someone else in another starts naming it differently, neither one is "right". Regardless of social stature, poi ability, or aptitude with large words.

The most poinient example is our recent discussion of the "butterfly weave"... If some of us believe that a weave consists of the poi moving in the same direction, while others believe the poi can be moving in opposite directions to do a weave, I don't believe that one group is right.

It seems that some of the vets have been climbing the Poi God mountain and claiming to have the 10 commandments of poi.

I absolutely agree that we should be TRYING to establish a convention, but I think we need to understand that this is what we are trying to do. There is no moral high ground to naming poi moves.

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How about we arrange one large poi meet that everyone who wants a say must come along to and we have a video camera, lots of toys and we can make a definitive list of moves (j/k ) - hey lets have it in Bath and everyone can stay in my castle, if there are any disputes then we can battle it out with the fireswords!

Back to reality this is a good point NYC it would be nice to have a 'convention' by which we name poi moves but it is really difficult since the spinners are distributed worldwide where they will have differing opinions and ways of explaining moves.

Mark P

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I don't think anyone's been climbing the Poi God mountain, there's still just me up here

There's some interesting discussions going on about poi, which in this place, a discussion board for poi, is surprisingly rare. I know a couple of people are writing books or move lists for their own use, so are running ideas past people. I don't think anyone's said 'You're all wrong, this is the only right'. (OK, maybe one or two people)

Discussing moves and theories helps develop and spread new ideas and opens new moves to people. Some people might not have thought of the butterfly or parallel weaves before and are now playing with them. If people disagree on what a butterfly weave actually is then we get a couple of different moves to try out. Anyone too closed minded to not try other people's variations deserves to be stuck in their rut.

Tis all good.

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Matt speaketh the truth.
moves count but names don't matter

I resisted calling weaves, "weaves" for 2 years after comming to HOP because I learnt them as cross follow. and cross follow with extra loop for 5 beat.

But a had to start calling it weave. Generally i had either no name or old skool clubswingers names for moves before HOP. Everything was called "this one", or that one backwards" as in
"have you seen this one.

but times, they are, a changing.

but it the land of words, it helps with communication and understanding if everyone has the same meaning for the same word, and the same moves have the same name.....

Happy Beginner

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'tis all about sharing, learning, understanding, playing and creating. Using words to describe actions is always going to be tricky so we can but try. Those who think they know it all (too few to register in my mind) can argue about the names and the rest of us can play and be happy and build up a way to communicate and spread the magic.

big hugs and smiles to you all and bouncy playing all round

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glass you scared me! eep! You seem to be somewhat invisible

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hehehe, ive had that problem, always have and still do call rotors with staffs "shotguns", thats how i learned em, and thats how they are ingrained in my mind, i have to make a concious effort when mentioning them in posts to put "rotors"

anyways, yeah, names are helpful but they arent the final say, if the descriptions match theyre the same move regardless..

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Good job as peace keeper NYC

seriously, i agree.

it's nice to have names so less explaining has to go on, but understanding is more important.

that said, i still don't have any idea wtf a parralel weave is..... but it took me two weeks to understadn a regular weave too so i'm a gonna be patient here....

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