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  Posted: Tryin some trasisions here.....can anyone tell me how 2 trans from a fwd weave into "burn the nose"....peace all

Matt Brisbin

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Mark P
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Mark P

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  Posted:...with short chains!!!!

Sorry only kidding I really struggle with the transitions into BTN myself so I am not going to be of much help here, sorry - but I will be interested to find out

MArk P



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  Posted:I can occasionally do fwd weave to btn.

if I'm right, it's done whilst turning to a bwd weave, either direction, quite early on in the turn.

also, and this is pure speculation (was somewhat intoxicated when I was doing this) I believe it is easier when going from bwd weave to fwd.

if I can be bothered to try it later I'll let you know the results

oh and welcome to HoP btw

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  Posted:You can put BTN beats into a weave. When doing a weave, Poi just moved over to left hand side, instead of right arm going under left move right arm into burn the nose and left hand follows.

Or I often get into BTN from corkscrew to horizontal BTN, then rotate if I want to.

Or butterfly at a side, shorten chains, and turn the butterfly inwards to BTN.

Hope that makes sense.


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  Posted:I'd agree with sub, for me it's easier to go from a reverse weave to a BTN. From the RW, spin at your sides in reverse for a rotation or two (enough time to shorten my chains) then straignt into the BTN. Just don't be shy in doing it.

best of luck


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