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  Posted: I have a Question . How do you turn, but at the same time have the Poi going around your body in a wheel effect. Its like its parallel to your body and turing in a wheel at the same time. The effect is similar to the weave when you bring it over your head, but turning at the same time. Please help if you guys and gals can

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  Posted:hey there,
learn the fwd weave and the backward weave and then learn to turn 180deg from one to the other.

this has been disscussed at length, so if you do a search you'll find a more techinical explenation if you need one

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  Posted:You can also turn with the windmill, although I've only managed to get 3 out of the 4 possible turns.... it's all just 'sperimentation and practice, I'm afraid.

Be aware that any turn involves making the Poi spin in 'reverse' (because we measure the direction of the Poi in relation to our body, and when we turn we're putting our bodies on the other side of the Poi.



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  Posted:nice description on the reverse direction when you turn around. I always confuse people when I try explaining that.

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