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Okie well everything I have read on the site so far didn't work so I totally tranced out and looked at the wee little video of some hot guy doing the BTB weave like for ten or fifteen minutes and something clicked.

Now what I did was:
1) Look at the video of him *in poi lessons* and imitate his hand movements.
2) I picked up my poi and ravelling them all the way up so i was at the end of the rope part, the balls just dangling slightly I continued just to imitate the hand movements.
3) Next i stood in front of my sliding glass door at night using the reflection in the glass and just held one extended poi in my right hand dangling behind my back to nearly my ankles.
4) I took the poi in my left hand and did a backward swing guiding the poi behind my back and up my right side.
5) As the left handed poi was completing its arc on my right side, I swung the poi in my right hand up and around to do its arc on my right side and as that arc was finishing brought my right hand over my left across my back, allowing the left hand poi to continue its second arc on my right hand side under my right hand.
6) As my right comes to my left side the momentum swings the poi up and around it's arc on the left side of my body. At which point my left hand is arcing on the left side of my body and crossing over my right, leaving my right to finish its secnod arc on the left side of my body.

I know this is really similar to other approaches except that I began with only on poi in motion and the other joining in, which I personally found worked better for me.

If this is totally confusing, chalk it up to poi delirium but if this helps even one person do the BTB weave then it's so worth it.

Good Luck

I hope to have this down for this weekend and once i get it I'll shout it from the rooftops!

Yeah I've only been spinning two weeks but what can I say .. I'm obsessssed!!

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And if your really silly.. when you notice that the opposit hand, the back side of your hand is on your belt loop.. take your outside hand (same arm that the poi is on) and push it in between the opposit hand and your belt loop.. then move it to the other side unwind repeat... and you have the workings of r-5b-btb,.. do it on your belt loop otherwise you'll wrap it around your arm, like Jedi White, in COL3.. which is also a very very cool effect, but more difficult..


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Nasu you lost me

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Very funny scotty now beam down my pants.
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AHH theres too many wee leprechauns i cannae squash them all

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Pfffft! Mock me if you will but I can do the BTB weave now and it took me less than three days to get it with this approach. But to each his own. I know it's super confusing but if you read it little by little it really does make sense, promise.

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Nasu has rubber arms!!! He's a mutant, no bones @ all!

It's Time

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unno whther this will help, but i just finally got the btb weave (woohoo) The way i worked it out was i got a pair of chopsticks and practiced the wrist movements with them making sure they didn't clash, then basically transferred it to the poi. wish i wouldn't keep twatting my arse tho! i think one of the hardest things about the btb weave is actually getting it started more than anything cos its a difficult thing to get your head round (or maybe i'm just a little simple!)

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Ive learnt how to do this on Michal kahns poi course - thank you - been struggling with the behind the back weave for ages... the trick is to use a stick - put some tape on one end so you can count how many times it goes round.... start holding the stick on one side so that both your hands are together (like you are about to clap) practise moving the stick from side to side with 3 turns on each side, dont move you hands apart and this will help you get the feel of what your hands are supposed to be doing... once you are comfy with that then have a go with your poi.

Hope this helps

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