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There was something I'm curious about. The way I do a btb weave and the ones I've seen other people do have the hand "pointed forwards". In other words, the point of contact between the chains and your fingers is pointing towards your back most of the time. Which is essentially the same as taking a weave and moving it backwards a foot or three.

I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who actually *mirrors* the normal weaves. I.e. you point your fingers away from your back when you do the weave.

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When I do btb weaves I have my wrists near/touching my back and the rest of my hand pointed straight back, in the same direction as the string.

I don't believe I've ever seen anyone doing a btb weave with their fingers/hands poining into thier back so I can't comment on which is better though that sounds quite dificult and unnatural. But that's just me.

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Ditto -

I have my palms pretty much facing the sky and my fingers away from my back.......

Surely it's just an extra and unnecessary strain to try and keep your hands in the same position as if it was in front of you....I couldn't do it comfortably. Maybe I misunderstood?

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I do backwards BTB with my hands pointed toward my back. While I was trying to learn forward BTB today (ouch) I was alternating between hands pointed forward and hands pointed back. There didn't seem to be much change in difficulty between the two (both equally *#$@ing hard), but I think it reverses the direction of hand movement you need.
eg "backwards BTB hands pointed toward back" you are doing the backwards weave hand movement,
but hands pointed away from back, you are doing a forwards weave hand movement.

errrr. i think.

my head hurts now.

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