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Ok, I've kinda got a hold of the reverse weave. The problem is when I come out of my second "loop" my left poi hits me in the head. Is there a way to correct this, or does anyone know of a better way to get the reverse weave going?

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If you have almost got it and it sounds like you have, then the easiest way to try and stop yourself hitting your head will be to practice the 2 seperate hand movements one at a time and make sure you are keeping the poi in the right planes

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Crave I've also suffered from that terrible affliction No matter how hard you think it through and plan the whole think before practising again, WHOA-BANG direct hit in the noggin'.
All you need to do it to over emphasise the movement of the left arm across your body, but also move your upper body to the right at the same time.
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For some reason it is better to overemphasise the left right motion in the rev-weave. At least while learining it. Way more so than in the forward weave.

It sounds like you really gotta pull that left poi back to the other side a bit stronger. Use the fact that your hands are crossed to get both poi back. Good luck.

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you could maybe try keeping your back straight? i found that helpful too!!

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u may already be doing this, but when i was learing reverse weave i found it useful to try the turn first, (forwards to backwards) and not think too much about the hands... it just feels natural to be doing the backwards weave.

Give it a shot...

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