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i think i just discovered a really tight transition,
i only worked it out this morning, but ive allready got it looking real good!

ill try and explain it for you, every one who trys it, can you give me feed back, or variations on this move. please.

ill start from the begining...
okay start of in a normal forwards butterfly, do over head butterfly, but instead of moving your hands forwards and back, over your head, just keep them spinning behind your head. sort of like at behind the head forwards butterfly..

oky, so that is your starting position.

now, after youve done that for a bit and youve got the rythm of it, (this is when it all starts to happen) bring your RIGHT hand out of the butterfly, while keeping your left still spining behind your head. bring your right hand straight down and wrap it around the inside of your right leg. give the chain a little pull, so the poi spins back and shoots back upwards. now since its spining the other way you can cut straight in to the windmill.

after a couple of gos i lost the clumsyness of trying to incorporate back into the windmill, so all together it looks like a very tight, sweet transition.

give it a try, and tell me what you think!
oh, and if you cant understand my instructions, tell me and ill try again, i think its worth it!

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That sounds sweet!


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i have done the same but with wrapping to my left bicept =)

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how aboot this:

reverse butterfly-over the head-when you bring it back wrap both poi aroung right leg, to go to a forward butterfly-wrap right poi on left arm before one full rotation-windmill

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Location: lost in pink sugar musing

any one else tried it out yet??

The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all thebad girls live.

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i did, quite nice, but it is hard to get the timing down so the windmill is entered smoothly...

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