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has anyone tried this its quite hard but i'm new to this and it seems fairly simple so thought i'd spread the idea , all you do is when the poi get to the ground put your arms through your legs . if you get good you could do a foward roll maby after , haven't tried it but though you guys might have !

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Nice one Fire Monkey Ive been doin that move for a while now, i find it much easier with shorter chains. Doin a forward roll though, now thats tough i have attempted it a few times but just end up in a tangled mess on the floor.

That move can also be done from behind so the poi go through your legs, circle at the front and go back through to the btb butterfly.

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Forward rolls do work... but practise lots first without poi...cause it can hurt your head when you do a roll with no arms ... also soft floor is good!!

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if u do acro, -any acro- learn it properly soopavised, cus you could easily land akwardly stressing your vertebrae - painfully straining if not doing permanent damage! no sh|t! and it *always* happens when you're thinking that it will never happen to ya...

TUMBLING! before i slip into a giant description of tumbling (which some people mistakenly call rolling (which ravers do) or somersaults (which is an off-the-ground term)) the most important thing to realise is that you minimise stress on the head/neck!!!!
start and stop in the same directionif you are tumbling forwards, support your bodyweight on your arms, tucking in your head as deeply as possible as you roll on your back, then your feet then back into another tumble if need be.handsfree tumbling (the one that poi-twirlers need to know) requires that you know how to simple tumble adequately (don't run when you can't walk!) you also become a fixed, rigid figure as you lean forward, as it's the safest and definitely the most graceful way to do it
don't just go by the words you read from random pyromaniacs offa the net, get an instructor to show you what u are doing wron gif it hurts to do!!
remember, the more acrobatics u put in your routine, the more unique your set is, and the greater variety of twirlage you can entertain others with!! u can do it!!!!

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