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i finally got my one handed butterfly ok but ive been tryin to do a simple wrap like forever, its sooo hard! like my friend does this wrap, doing butterfly and then u wrap one arm, i try but i cant keep my hands going, any suggestions? thx

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sorry for being sucha newbie but does anyone have like a video clip of a reverse butterfly, i just dont know how to do it, i cant even do a reverse figure eight in normal raving >< oh and when i do weave, i go left first, hope it helps

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try some simpler wraps - like swinging circles at your sides and then bringing your chains forward and wrapping your legs. Also try wrapping them aroung your hands to make shorter chains to do smaller butterfly + buzzsaw. Wrapping poles and other objects can also be fun. I am also a newbie so I don't have any advise for that butterfly wrap thang. As for r.weave - it is simpler than you think. Just start with a single poi and visualise it in your head first, you go in the opposite direction. Do this with each hand until you are comfortable. Start forward weave then as you go cross over to your right turn 90 degrees and you should naturally start moving into reverse weave. Reverse butterfly is even simpler. Start with forward b and just simply flop your hands behind your head on your upswing keeping your elbows pointed skyward and alternate. Before you know you will be able to increase your number of beats. happy swinging.


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One of the only wraps i do... (cos i aint good at them either)... is just changing the directions of the poi...
so spinning forwards, by ur side, stick ur elbows out and wrap round ur biceps... u can do it both ways, and i find it useful to get to the butterfly from... (wrap with the left, so teh poi are in opposite directions, then into alternate butterfly)

i dunno, its quite fun, and one of the easiest i know... have a go!

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Read my post "Every wrap ever explained in only a few short sentences" I hope it helps.

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Or just do a search for the listings of wraps by dangerboy... they r amazing!

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Hey noob here, i need some good Vid's to learn, I've learn about as much as i can with the website and now i'm looking for more moves and stuff, if u could help me with and vids that aren't on the website i would really be gald, thx!

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