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Hi everybody...

I bet I didn't invent this combination but I came up with it while practising yesterday...
It's damn sweet and not hard at all.

Start by swinging the chains forward in time,wrap both chains around your thighs,
go immediately in a high turn and without another rotation wrap both chains around one
or both arms, however you like it. I think it looks better like one chain-one arm.

If anyone can give me more inspiration on wrap combos...go for it!


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Hi Charlotte here are a couple that you might like to try.

Leg Wraps :

from Chase the sun (cts), lift right leg and wrap both poi on inside of thigh - from here you can do any of the following :
a) Return to reverse cts (or with practice straight into a weave)
b) Pull back and then wrap straight onto outside of right leg - then into cts or weave
c) *this is a little silly but looks quite nice if you can keep the rythmn* after completing the wrap on the outside of the right leg (b) pull back while lifting left leg and wrap outside left leg - then inside left leg (from this I normally go into a weaveby turning slightly to my left)

While doing forwards weave lift right leg while poi are on RHS and wrap both onto your inside leg - pulling back will allow you to go into reverse weave (from reverse weave I can do this move lifting left leg and wrapping on outside of leg but it is still a little sloppy)

Arm wraps (you probably know these)

Forwards weave - turn right and wrap LH poi under right arm - come out into butterfly

Butterfly - wrap one poi on opposite bicep and turn into a weave

*Forwards weave - turn and wrap both poi (one on each arm) pull out back into reverse weave

*(Dom showed me ths one but I still cant get it consistantly)

Have fun,

Mark P

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Thanks for the ideas, I had a few of them already, but I'll surely try some in my next practise.

And if you start with the weave wraps...I love them!

The one you describe is the one with which I burnt myself pretty bad during the last performance, you gotta be really careful to not to squeeze the wicks in the inside of our elbows, I guess.

But it looks quite nice if you go like forward weave, wrap both chains on one arm, backward weave for a few rotations and wrap em then around the other arm. This one is a crowd pleaser I realised.

And another one I really like is pretty much the same: forward weave, wrap one chain around one arm and the other one around the opposite leg, then backward weave and the same just on the other arm and leg. If you go really fast it kinda looks like you're jumping around in this weave circle with little spirals on a different height.

Or you can wrap the chains also around your thighs from a weave. These ones are easy, but effective, I think. They might be called the burn your ass wraps cause my skirt was on fire after doing them once .

Whatever, if you don't know these already, have fun with practising....


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It's nice to see a fellow wrapper out there. You should check out CrazyRaverDudes post on "Definitive listing of wraps" and mine on "Signature Moves?". On that last thread if you read the posts that I put up you'll see that I do a lot of moves with wraps, but some of the more advanced ones (i.e. colorchanging wraps) can only be done with glowsticks. Get back to me with some of your comments and ideas. Hope I've helped.


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