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Is it just me or does this look like a "butterfly weave", not a 5-beat reverse weave?

HOP Poi Lesson 15

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I think it depends on the angle you watch from.

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Ya, it's at a weird angle. It's also not a very good executed one either.

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they do look as if the poi go round in different directions... although its definitely more complicated than the butterfly weave, cos his arms twist up as with the 5 beat reverse weave... also agree with the "its messy comment!"

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I think that there are a few videos that could be better done. Trying to look at someone's hands for their BTB moves when its dark is a pain! I don't know what the best way to view moves is, but I know that isn't it!

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well....if 'ya look at it tha-,.....no it is still a butterfly weave......

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