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Ok, this is my second day practicing ( as you can see I`m a rookie). So far I got foward and backward wave, normal buterfly, alternate buterfly and over your head buterfly. Now when I try to do the mexican wave, one of my pois does 1 beate in front of me and then it goes to my back and so on, any recommendations to stop this problem from happening?
Also, the video that explains the low wave does not make sense to me. It says the you should start spinning your poi in foward directions, however when you look at the video the poi goes backwars. I tried doing it in both ways and it`s much easier when the poi goes backwars
Does it make sense what I`m saying
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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"All" "tricks" have 4 possibilites,spin it forward and backward,turn left or right....if you want to turn L or R you must to learn both variants.As you start twirl poi never goes reversly(you schould change it by wraps),so you start forward, when you turn L or R the direction is reverse . All kinds are in POI lessons is about 20 "tricks"= 40 training training...............


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