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Posted: by Antti_Everything
Last Reply: by pounce
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"I'm not a big fan of talkshows and I think hosts like Conan OBrian are pretty lame in the end. But scottish Craig Ferguson really captured my attention. He's truly funny and warmhearte..."
Posted: by newgabe
Last Reply: by Charles
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"Mods, delete this if I just need to be pointed to a large explanatory banner ad or something...But why do posts now have an apparent link on the bottom right corner that says 'manage th..."
Posted: by Seye
Last Reply: by squid
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"I've just been thinking about this after reading some posts on various messageboards (both spinny and non-spinny) and thought I'd see what everyone elses oppinions are.Everything (as fa..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by 87wt2gxq7
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"so today he announced his departure date..............what will be his so highly prized legacy???is he down with the "yoots", the common man's man?? evil despot??? "
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by fake teeth and glue
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"SO I was watching some stuff on youtube tonight and I just came across this.To be honest I found it quite heart stoppingly, In a disturbing manor in which it portrays the way we raciall..."
Posted: by marco
Last Reply: by PK_
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"Anyone else noticed the 'return' of poiinthepark ??????????poiintheparkmark"
Posted: by Pink...?
Last Reply: by BansheeCat
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"I have just found out that someone has wiped my account of all my money in one lump sum(ok, they left me 3... how nice of them). I know i'm not the first, nor will be the last who has..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by Stout
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"Today in Wales it was a day to vote. We had 2 votes. As explained why here.I had a really hard time picking who to vote for as most of them seem to be full of empty promises if not lies..."
Posted: by pounce
Last Reply: by jarle
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"ok this is driving me nuts cause i know there's some thread around here on poi in the news, but i searched with a million different word combinations and couldn't find it. so here's a ..."
Posted: by shocked_prawn
Last Reply: by shocked_prawn
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"if you ike gilbert and george.... go to this is a one time oppourtuinity to download and original peice available only online for the next 48 hoursthere are 9 pane..."
Posted: by UnclassifiedLeggyGirl
Last Reply: by darkness-before
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"As everybody knows, there has been a lot of speculation about "size zero" and "size double zero". Some catwalk shows have banned models with a BMI below 17 (i think, its about there) an..."
Posted: by sagetree
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"add a one dollar per gallon tax to all gasoline in america. the entire dollar goes to advancing and developing sustainable and alternative energy sources. this doesnt work because the..."
Posted: by brittle
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"anyone got any idea???"
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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" Tragic Loss of LifeThis &lbr;censored&rbr; really saddens me. My thoughts go out to the victims, survivors and all their families."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by Vague_Rant
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"Pain - and especially chronic pain - can be a major factor that deminishes the quality of life.There is a variety of different kinds of pain, but generally I gues it's valid to descern ..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by PK_
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"I Just want to clarify that I am personally NOT Declaring E-Mail Bankruptcy. thought about it, what a great idea,..."
Posted: by Antti_Everything
Last Reply: by glittertill
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"Hey...I was wondering how many different kind of possibilities there are to really study firearts besides online communities and videos and some festivals/workshops? I know there is/was..."
Posted: by BansheeCat
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"I have been having a discussion in the "Down the Rabbit Hole" thread, and thought I would bring a part of it that interests me over here to Discussion... I am interested in knowing if y..."
Posted: by fNi
Last Reply: by Stout
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"Hey folks. A reporter from the Boston Globe was around a bit ago doing a story on fire performing and her article finally came out.articleThoughts/reactions?"
Posted: by brittle
Last Reply: by blu_valley
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"heyy,doing a debate at school in R.E about animal rights for eating them and medical testing.Just wondering what peoples point of view on it was???"
Posted: by Birgit
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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" are disappearing. Sounds a bit like the X-Files... but according to some articles I just r..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by FatGuru
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"Ok, I'm posting this half in fear of being accused of America Bashing, but I feel this is something worth putting up here. Feel free to doubt the truth of it, but I have tried to find r..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by Antti_Everything
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"I was having a conversation recently and 2 people put to me that they don't really want to pursue corporate gigs.Which is fair enough I remember doing a couple of coporate drumming gigs..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by JauntyJames
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"I've been reading reports about what would happen in the wake of Michael Richards and then with Imus and his statement.That sparked an outrage against the rap community because they've ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"I am always so fascinated by these, but the news here will mention it and then not follow through.I know a yacht was found off the coast of Australia and that everything was smoothe ins..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by alien_oddity
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"yes folks, less than a week after the vagina tech shooting some nutter has taken a hostage at the NASA space center in huston texas now if that is not yet ANOTHER good reason to sort o..."
Posted: by Bek66
Last Reply: by astar2
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"I received this email from a fellow board member at Church of the Earth and thought that maybe some of you soft-hearted HoPpers out there would be willing to help...~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by xorba
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"This is something that I've been thinking about for a while. It's a bit complicated and there are lots of hot topics associated with my main point so I'll try to boil my main point dow..."
Posted: by pounce
Last Reply: by Lurch
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"I rarely come into Social Discussion for several reasons. One, I deal with enough emotional and political crap at work that I try to avoid it when I'm not at work. But the second reas..."
Posted: by Helz Bellz
Last Reply: by Fireblitz
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"Tara - the setting for the Irish invasion last year - is under threat! (The below is copied from an email from Kat. Thanks for the heads up on this ) Tara, one of the most important..."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Thanks for taking the time reading this and maybe even giving a reply.... I'm kind-a heavy headed on this at the moment... I was asking somebody, who is making and selling firefans - d..."
Posted: by robotface
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"I will use a made up example although most people will infer what im talking about.Lets say there is a thread with a hotly debated topic, one person if offended by missreading another p..."
Posted: by sagetree
Last Reply: by FireTom
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" Written by: sportsnetwork New York, NY (Sports Network) - Radio personality Don Imus was fired from his CBS Radio job on Thursday, one day after MSNBC said it would no longer simu..."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"The usual Wiki-intro  Written by: WikiAs of 2007, the world population reached 6.6 billion.&lbr;1&rbr; In line with population projections, this figure continues to grow at rate..."
Posted: by DarkFyre
Last Reply: by Skatto
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"Hi there HoPpers,At work quite a while ago, one of my mates said that when i spin it kinda looks like Tai Chi and this i have applied to the name of my poi style, Poi Chi.Other distinc..."
Posted: by _Clare_
Last Reply: by _khan_
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" Ta da!!!!!(and other fanfare-esque noises)Owing to the fact that he is rubbish at marketing himself... This is to announce the launch of the most awesome book on Contact Juggling to hi..."
Posted: by _Stix_
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"erm... hello ok I have a 'friend' ahem.. who is having a bit of an issue at work... there is a person there that started to work there at the beginning of the year - they get on really..."
Posted: by tadpole
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"If you're in a good, happy mood, read another post. This is nothing but one long whinge. If you live in dump, read on, this will make you realize its not that bad...I'm not normally a w..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Stout
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"Do you have an addictive personality?If so, how does it come out?How do you control it, if you do at all?I have a terribly addictive personality. I've known it since I was little. When ..."
Posted: by Birgit
Last Reply: by Stout
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"Another way of explaining the world... wiki's conservative "counterpart"!"
Posted: by Airborne
Last Reply: by Airborne
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"Hey everyone, here at my school, all seniors are required to write a 10-20 page research paper on a topic of thier choice, and then do a project of some kind. After a long consideration..."
Posted: by KaelGotRice
Last Reply: by Sambo_Flux
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"Quoted from Fark.Iran's recent History1953. CIA back coup overthrows the democratically elected government.1953-1979 The US Supported a brutal dictatorship. 1000's murdered, tortured by..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by The Tea Fairy
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"ok, so who's heard of the tesco's "computers for schools" and "sports equipment for schools" promotions that tesco's has been running??for those that don't know TESCO is the UK's larges..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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" ordered mine today! "
Posted: by The Tea Fairy
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"ok, so I don't normally chat on HoP too much about other people in my life (apart from complaining about my man now and then!) but I have a friend who's asked for some advice and I don'..."
Posted: by Yakumo
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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" Written by:London, 2 April 2007 - EMI Music today announced that it is launching new premium downloads for retail on a global basis, making all of its digital repertoire available..."
Posted: by LMSP
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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"My ex has anew partner and are living together. I wish them both happiness and luck together, but, they do not always get on and this worries me when my ex has our son for holidays. I k..."
Posted: by Helen_of_Poi
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"BBC News reports that a fire performer's clothes caught fire, which then spread to his fuel container, resulting in the deaths of 10 people in a nightclub in Moscow.BBC News story "
Posted: by Curly_Sue
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"I have stared the story now we can all finish it together. Lets see how it goes. Jimny cricket was having a bad day, when Peter Bob Thornton came along to speak tell him some exciti..."
Posted: by Psyri
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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"I would just like to mention out of general irritation that some veggie friends give me. They always ask how can I have a clean conscience because I eat meat? Uusally giving me a long l..."
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