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Posted:This one is highly critical and raises some ethical questions I would suppose...

Background: A couple wants to have children, but the woman is not fertile, so they decide artificial ways to reach parenthood. 18 years ago the boy was born - he was strongly handicapped. The marriage couldn't withstand this and other challenges and they divorced after 6 years.

Now, in 2005 a befriended doctor told the father that his blood type "0" and his wife having "B" an offspring with blood type "A" would be impossible.

The father investigated and tested. It turns out that he ain't the father.... The mother is re-married in the meantime and it seems to be proven that she can't have children naturally...

The problem occurs for the mother now, as the "father" ceased to pay alimonies and doesn't participate in the costs of taking care for the boy. "He's considering a donation," his lawyer states... Obviously he doesn't regard the child as his, however.

It's quite simple for the father, but the mom seems to be in a ditch now, there is no previous case in Germany for this - she will have to find evidence in order to reverse the process and make the clinic be in charge of proving that they didn't screw up...

I think this is pretty censored sad frown

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