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The Tea Fairy

The Tea Fairy
old hand
SILVER Member since Jul 2004
Registered on: 2nd Jul 2004
Last active: 17th Oct 2008
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AAARGH, WHY ARE SO MANY JOBS AND COMPANIES COMPLETELY CRAPPY?!(I'm getting so frustrated and disillusioned with my lack of 'career'... I don't want to be working in an office any more! ...

Woohoo! I am back in Gloucestershire! Living in Cheltenham (well, up leckhampton hill). Might check out this green belt festival thingy, I haven't spun for ages and ages but would be go...

Oooh, a big chunk of my dissertation was about attitudes towards death and dying! Shame it was so long ago and you're assignment is due soon!We've definitely seen an increase in the num...

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