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Posted:Hey everyone, here at my school, all seniors are required to write a 10-20 page research paper on a topic of thier choice, and then do a project of some kind. After a long consideration, I decided to do my paper on poi, but more specifically the origins of poi and the process that it took for poi to evolve into what we all enjoy today. Right now I have pages of research about the Maori culture and how poi was created and used and all that, but I'm looking for resources on the developement of poi.

I'm mostly looking for good sources, because I need to cite everything pretty thoroughly. If anyone has knowledge of any good sites that talk about how poi spread, how it was influenced by other cultures, or anything else that seems appropriate, please let me know, I'd really appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted:Interviews are also legitimate references (and mix it up a bit from books). Maybe you can ask someone (who knows their stuff, obviously) if they can answer a few questions via email?

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Posted:Try here

Maori Language commission of New Zealand

Alot of it will be similar to research you already have but I'd suggest emailing them and seeing if they can point you in the right direction

Hope that helps smile

Oh, I'd also suggest (if you haven't already done so) to go to www.google.co.nz and search just in New Zealand websites.
That often works when I'm trying to research information based overseas. Try Australian sites as well. Even though poi didn't originate from there, fire poi is certainly prevalent over there now.

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Posted:Two points:

1. This thread might be better in the *Help* section

2. There have been a few threads about this already: the quick search function (above, between main Index and My Home in the list at the top of the page) came up with these.. Not sure if they will be academic enough for you though. The 'missing link' seems to be a bit of a mystery though. I have been around this scene since about 1995 and I know that at least in Oz fire staff spinning was common in 'hippie type' circles earlier than poi/fire poi. The first poi spinners I ever saw (apart from traditional Maori) were all from UK!


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Posted:I was thinking of starting this in the help thread, but I thought there would be a good discussion involved with this topic.

If I can't find the missing link in the chain that leads the develpement of poi from New Zealand to my little corner of Vermont, I want to see people's opinions and ideas about what influences other communities have had on the poi community. How has it changed over the years?


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