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Posted: by The Real Fryed Fish
Last Reply: by The Real Fryed Fish
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"Ok, so I know that teaching POI can be hard, but how do you teach a child??!? My daughter is 5 (Cyanne) and she wants to learn how to spin fire. (obviously I have NOT let her try fire, ..."
Posted: by Goddessda
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 746    Replies: 5
"I am taking professional fire pictures tomorrow. Tell Me all the little tips that you have.. or hints...Besides don't light Myself or the photographer on fire..GoddessDA"
Posted: by gita
Last Reply: by Puk
Views: 926    Replies: 4
"hi was just wondering if anyone else was having issues with pm's? for the last week or so, anytime i get a pm & reply to it - it disappears! there are old ones in my folder that i'v..."
Posted: by Katch
Last Reply: by filthy 23
Views: 1554    Replies: 5
"Hi! I know a few of you teach poi in formal classes and stuff (and if I'm anywhere near your area, I will definitely sign up for them)... A few friends of mine have asked me to "teach" ..."
Posted: by Goddessda
Last Reply: by Goddessda
Views: 1407    Replies: 12
"I have been practicing and I have yet to light My poi up. When is a good time to start. I think I have all the basic moves down. still don't know what the best fuel to use to just sp..."
Posted: by Aleks
Last Reply: by ber seal
Views: 882    Replies: 4
"My posts have disappeared I introduced myself and mentioned a festival and they've both gone :'-(Al"
Posted: by native
Views: 722    Replies: 0
"hi i want to go to burring man this year but i cant afford it just yet.i was wondering if any one had tickets. who cant go and is willing to sell them?if so pm me or e mail me at fla..."
Posted: by Flapjacks
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 1295    Replies: 6
"Okay, so my tatty home made poi are reaching the end of their days, and I've been given the oppurtunity to get a pair of (fabric) poi.The thing is, the string/cord comes out of the side..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 6007    Replies: 10
"Any ideas anyone?Ive tried looking on teh microsoft website and also through the media player options menu.Im using media player 9 by the way.Im sure it can be done...i just cant find o..."
Posted: by Goddessda
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 1336    Replies: 7
"I am having the hardest time finding fuel. I went the walmart. they have coleman fuel but there was no way for Me to know if that is what I wanted (white fuel).. I have yet to find karo..."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by Hanz
Views: 14913    Replies: 25
"arrrggggghhhhhh I have had two tattoos before and I just recently got one added to on the top of my foot... It is driving me completely bananas...I have NEVER has a tattoo itch so mu..."
Posted: by Domino
Last Reply: by Gnor
Views: 3846    Replies: 12
"Great site, huge amount of information and friendly people. Well done, just felt it should be said.Now to the problem. I've been doing poi for about a week now with sockballs-on-string ..."
Posted: by spritie
Last Reply: by spritie
Views: 2105    Replies: 12
"I am having problems getting a correct entry in the new meet others database. Sometime last week, I re-added myself to the new one. The entry popped up quickly, but it also said I was..."
Posted: by ddedhia
Last Reply: by _Aime_
Views: 1991    Replies: 18
"HiI want to start learning poi. Start with normal balls and then move on to fire poi. Say, should I buy ones with the cord strings or ones with the chainlinks? Which one do you recommen..."
Posted: by caz86
Last Reply: by Bird
Views: 825    Replies: 2
"Aaaahhhh! Been tryin to post on hop for ages.. and it lets me read all the posts, then when I log in it goes funi and doesn't let me get to them! It's evil! EVIL! So I'm hopin that this..."
Posted: by Shadowsofblood
Last Reply: by Shadowsofblood
Views: 859    Replies: 2
"well.. im trying to orders some of the single LED poi sticks ... and it will let me put it in the box ... and then ill log in put in all my shipping info ... then go to how im going to ..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 1314    Replies: 8
"Warning: copy(/www/htdocs/homeofpoi/ubbthreads/images/users/4889.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/homeofpoi/www/ubbthreads/changebasic.php on line 241"
Posted: by duballstar
Last Reply: by GottaLoveIt
Views: 1488    Replies: 16
"someone showed me some of this stuff a while back but i can't seem to find it anywhere. it comes in a squirty nozzle bottle and i think it might be aloe vera based. it means you can cla..."
Posted: by Vixen
Views: 631    Replies: 0
"On the old site there was a video by "shadowfire" (i think) spinning to bombs over bagdad. Has it totally gone now? I loved that video!!! x"
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
Views: 850    Replies: 5
"So Ive recently started eating fire. I love it and want to do it all the time but Ive found that you can only do it so many times in a day before you start getting minor burns in/aroun..."
Posted: by erikaMish
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
Views: 1166    Replies: 5
"hello... i wasn't sure if i should write this on "other toys" so i'm guessing it's better if i ask for help! first of all... i'm sorry if there is already a thread on this. i searched b..."
Posted: by sloane
Last Reply: by sloane
Views: 941    Replies: 3
"Hi all, I am back to spinning poi after a long (year-long) break. It feels great to be back. The other night I span HARD, had a great time and all went great. The thing is, the next fe..."
Posted: by firepixie
Last Reply: by TheSilverShadow
Views: 1264    Replies: 10
"Just a quickie! Was wondering if anyone knew the best place to get a really good set of L.E.D poi? I have a set but they aren't brilliant! Preferably blue or green ones.... Any help wou..."
Posted: by gita
Last Reply: by gita
Views: 1225    Replies: 2
"hi allthis may come as no surprise to lots of you - but i'm not exactly a tech-wizard. i saw this little note on the hop front page "Users please save your pictures from the old galler..."
Posted: by leeeaaaaaa
Last Reply: by Good
Views: 975    Replies: 5
"A guy in town has been trying to start a meet up in town to spin fire, and has recruited me, and maybe I'm optimistic, but I think we are about to become the nucleus of a small group of..."
Posted: by Slaanneesh
Last Reply: by Mr_Jedly
Views: 5633    Replies: 26
"Soz guys i'm new. learnin by self teachin and can't find anything on hyperloops or buzzsaws. even though you all seem to know what they are and sound like the're quite basic. because of..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 2142    Replies: 17
"Okay, so I am in the process of designing new t-shirts.I want my name on the front with the web address under it, however, I also want something written on the back, but I have no clue ..."
Posted: by Goddessda
Last Reply: by Goddessda
Views: 890    Replies: 4
" for Fire breathing It is true that you can do a fire balling with vegetable oil? Goddess DA."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by gita
Views: 1229    Replies: 6
"MY fire flower photo is now in custom bugs gallery.I dont have a gallery any more!! this is concerning me cause I love that pic and I would like to have it back in my gallery...I asked ..."
Posted: by Klaymen
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Posted: by Flapjacks
Last Reply: by Flapjacks
Views: 1494    Replies: 8
"(I've done a search for this, so sorry if I'm repeating someone!)Okay, so I'm not that good at poi, but I'm even worse at teaching!...I've got quite a few people I know interested in do..."
Posted: by spritie
Last Reply: by spritie
Views: 828    Replies: 2
"I have a question about the way PM's are sent under the new format. In the old format, if you received a PM from someone and you requested to be notified via e-mail, you did not see th..."
Posted: by mech
Last Reply: by Spanner
Views: 1998    Replies: 10
"does anyone know who they are, perhaps mal would let us know, cos i really like th pic, and would like to know who it is, just cos im nosy! "
Posted: by Chopper
Last Reply: by Tao Star
Views: 1892    Replies: 12
"Okay, i've read endless threads and still not found an answer. Any suggestions on how to reduce the stink of kerosene? Like, dunk my heads in milk immediately after a burn, or spray '..."
Posted: by Klaymen
Last Reply: by Klaymen
Views: 1031    Replies: 2
"hey, sorry I'm having trouble finding where to download these =/. I've browsed through the Video's section and done a search and not found them, I did find a TT2 thread but the link was..."
Posted: by Tao Star
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 1261    Replies: 2
"is it just me or have these completely dissapeared from the shop?i'm sure there used to be glow beanbags that changed colour. "
Posted: by Megafish
Last Reply: by Megafish
Views: 670    Replies: 2
"Hello everybody, (dr nick stylee)Just wondering if anyone knew anything about a poi meet up in Oxford sometime in June. I was juggling globalls at the Tribe of Frog party in london a f..."
Posted: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Last Reply: by Kapura Mataaro
Views: 1070    Replies: 5
"Do we need license to do Fire? This gut I know rekons I do, but the only license I know of is street busking. Any one else got any ideas on this?"
Posted: by Goddessda
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
Views: 1500    Replies: 5
"what fuel do I want to use so that I can make trials on My body with the fire.. or do tranfer tricks? I hope I am asking the right question.Goddessda "
Posted: by mattpoi
Last Reply: by mattpoi
Views: 2027    Replies: 6
"When i soak up to spin my poi are heavier.I was wondering if i could soak em in water to get used to the weight in pratice rather than on fire.Do you think the water would stay in too l..."
Posted: by psycho44
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 1278    Replies: 6
"i was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any child endangerment laws or something in florida that would prevent me from letting my children spin fire? "
Posted: by Goatfactory
Last Reply: by marco
Views: 1853    Replies: 9
"Warranty excludes accident or misuse. if the poi:s hit eatchother and break then? is that an accident or normal use? "
Posted: by Dunc
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 1114    Replies: 5
"As a lot of you are probably aware I'm also part of another world wide community, the Volkswagen scene. Being the entusiasts we are we have a local club and meet up once fornightly to t..."
Posted: by thor
Last Reply: by mattpoi
Views: 1388    Replies: 9
"it looks exactly the same as a basic butterfly, why should i learn how to thread the needle? (and i can't quite grasp what's involved with it anyway, just sliding your hand over the oth..."
Posted: by fake teeth and glue
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
Views: 670    Replies: 1
"ok i have some fire clubs and i also have a staff, the wick on the staff is about twice the size of the clubs wick yet the clubs have a bigger flame even when the staff is not movingdoe..."
Posted: by *poppy*
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 2708    Replies: 18
"I'm kinda new to poi so I don't know if what just happen is normal or not: I got out my fire poi, which I used yesterday and were fine, dipped one of them in the fuel (lamp oil), and be..."
Posted: by Amanita
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 1221    Replies: 13
"I've been trying and trying, but I just can't seem to get the hang of the weave:(No matter what, I just end up with tangles, or I end up getting whacked,and then I just want to bounce t..."
Posted: by TheBovrilMonkey
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 1845    Replies: 12
"Ok, so I've somehow got it into my head that I want to make a set of juggling balls.I'm not really sure why this is since I've already got a nice set of balls that I'm quite happy playi..."
Posted: by flowingchalice
Last Reply: by Glss
Views: 1384    Replies: 3
"A couple of my friends are heading down south over this weekend and really want to know where they can buy Dura stilts... any suggestions? Have tried searching on google but can't find ..."
Posted: by Amanita
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 1915    Replies: 16
"I've found that after spinning poi for any length of time, my shoulders get stiff as a board, and sore.I've got some neck, back and shoulder issues anyhow (Large breasts are a literal p..."
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