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can anyone tell me what to use to get coloured flames or how to get the sparks flying of ur staff or poi when they are spinning
like i know u can burn chemicals to produce a coloured flame ie useing firework combos etc
so yeah if anyone out there can tell me some good combos to use i would be very apreciative

yay up to 5 beat weave only 4 more to get to 9 :P

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Why not just ask what everyone's faveoutire music to spin to is smile

Sorry, but these are the 2 of the most commonly asked questions asked on HoP.

If you read the "FAQ - Please Read" post - you'll find answers to both - There's an Article on Coloured Flames (written by yours truly) under News -> Articles and there's several posts about Wire Wool which is what "Sparkly Poi" are

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hardeharhar! biggrin
nice avatar.;)
haven't I seen you 'round here somewhere before?

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for the sparks i have heard you can use steel wool, pull it apart and wrap it around, as it burns off it sparks, lots of burns though, as for colors, theres a thread for that one, enter colored flams in the search engine on this site.....PLUR......just a note, fule combo i use is great, its 1/2 lamp oil 1/2 camping gas weavesmiley

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cheers guys
i guess i was just being a lazy mofo ubblol
slow net and bed time useualy makes me post and avoid a search at all costs ubbloco

yay up to 5 beat weave only 4 more to get to 9 :P

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