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FlapjacksSILVER Member
part of the lonely trio
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Location: Hastings, England

Okay, so my tatty home made poi are reaching the end of their days, and I've been given the oppurtunity to get a pair of (fabric) poi.

The thing is, the string/cord comes out of the side of the poi head, rather than 'mirroring' where the tail is.

Will this affect my spinning at all? Is it harder? Easier? Wonkier? ubbloco

koo xx
(Sorry if I haven't made sense, I will try reword if noone understands!)

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_Aime__Aime_SILVER Member
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Location: Hastings, United Kingdom

i think i get what you mean. say like if the poi is laid out flat on the floor, the poi tails and cord meet at a right-angle, wheres as others would just go in a straight line as the cord come out of the top of the poi. (stop me there if i've got ur explation wrong)
I don't think it will matter at all. My mighty banana poi have the cord comming out the top, and hannahs poi have it comming out the side. Dosn't make it harder easier or wonkier! I don't think it makes any difference, although i could be completely wrong.
*runs and hides*

Aimz xx

p.s. Hows the exams going? finished 'em yet?

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my mighty banana poi were fine for doing most moves but when it came to behind the back stuff: ow ow ow ow ow
They were offset and used bean bags, not tennis balls
But then strawberry fair came along and saved my life!!!!
I got poi that have tennis balls and the cord comes out straight... I'm not sure wether it was the offset-ed-ness or the fact that they were bean bags that didnt help my behind the back stuff OR wether I just got better... but I still suck with my mighty banana poi... might be psychological?? or it might mean that the poi don't spin true when they're offset... my planes have definately shaped up a lot more

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Red_RaveNRed_RaveNGOLD Member
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erm IMO cords straight make the poi slower whereas cords off the side make them slower and more controllable as with comets.. I guess...

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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FlapjacksSILVER Member
part of the lonely trio
137 posts
Location: Hastings, England

Thank you all... I got them anyway, not sure if I like them much though. frown

And yus Aimee, exams all finished! whoop!!

smells like burning teenagers..

DuncDuncGOLD Member
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Just use sock poi, save a lot of bother smile

Let's relight this forum ubblove

mechmechBRONZE Member
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for once i agree with CB, soc and cone poi are much easier to learn tricks and style with, no flookin tails to tangle up while you are learning stuff :S

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