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I'm deseperately seeking examples of the face and body paint that the Maori Warriors wear.
The patterns etc.


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I recently saw a good movie centered on the Maori in modern NZ. Its called "Once Were Warriors" It can be pretty brutal at times, but there are some shots of incredible Maori tattoo work, as well as a bit on their martial art. One of the stars is the guy who played Jango Fett in the new Star Wars.

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I personally think it was really mean to do 'that' to Jango Fett while Boba Fett was watching.
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I knew this irish chap once who wanted to get a maori tattoo while in Australia (go figure) He found that most NZ artisists in Sydney wont do maori tats on 'whiteys' but will happily draw up a stylised version..... But as with the didge debate a while back, different strokes for different folks....

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Hey, I'm from New Zealand. I live in Hamilton I'm half Maori. It pretty much depends on what type of tattoo you want, like if you just copy one from what you've seen in a picture it could be a weird. For example some tattoos are like a story of a persons life and what they've done so it would be stupid to have someone elses life story on your body and not know what it means. I'm thinking of getting a Koru tattooed onto my back because i'm leaving home in a week and it symbolises a new begining. And you can be move original with the designs put onto it. Anyone seen Whale Rider???


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Tautoko. Thats true. In a way Maori are very simila to American Indians in spiritual ideals. A moko (tatu) is totally sacred, noone ever had the same moko, i was lucky enough to study the meaning of alot of moko and can read it like hyroglyphics. There is alot of debate between maori right now, to the point where allmost all true "schooled at the wananga" maori moko artists have divided moko in 2 divisions.

1 strictly for tribal ideals

2 for "outsiders"

Because its totally disrecpectfull to copy a moko that says that my ancestor is YOU! that you come from my tribe, that you are a master of weapons and a teacher of tribal lore. There are parts and designs you can use, but if you were a guy would you want you moko to say you were a girl :P

As far as every race has spirals, SURE thats true, but maori spirals have a special way of being done, so you could see just by the outline thats its "true" or not.

We Maori love and respect our culture, why not delve into your own culture and use your own designs biggrin we all should be proud of who we are and respect eachother.

See the design of fire in my Maaori it means "Tane" male. Live it.

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Kia Ora

When I was in NZ last year I went through a fairly rough time with a Pakeha guy I was seeing... but when I left Auckland I met a Maori guy who did some bone carving.

Of course, it was a touristy thing, but I told him my story and we came up with a carving encorporating a Koru and spiral.

I know my pounamu may not hold the authentic heritage of true Maori culture, but it is very precious to me because of what it represents... and because of the words that man told me as we worked on the carving.

Anyways... Whale Rider is a stunning film (I've seen it loads of times, and it always makes me get a bit teary), and does far more for the contemporary Maori community than Once Were Warriors.

love Clare xo

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wow... so sometimes i DO actually make sense... boggles the mind... tongue

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