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Hey all,The d-shape is useful for flutters. The straight part allows your fingers to pull the round edge into your palm. By pulling and relaxing you can get some nice flutters. The d...

Flutter can be done with either one or two hands - with one hand it's nice to have the two fans together giving the illusion of just one fan before seperating as though they are opposin...

Yippee - its tonight - much hippy psy-folk - much better than than that psy-trance stuff... If you're interested the Cooler is on Park Street and it starts at 8:00pm.


Kevlar® Sewing thread  
     25th August, 2005
Strong Fire Thread
"This thread is awesome and so strong that I may use it for my stitching needs. Some people have told me that they did not find this thread durable enough but in my opinion that was due to the stitching they used. For the toys I??ve made using this thread I use a close blanket stitch followed by a back stitch just below the blanket stitch. Although this method may sound like an overkill it will ensure that the seams are strong enough for the any toy further more by sowing the toy inside out the seams are hidden to protect the Kevlar and seams therefore increasing the durability of both the seam and the material being sown together."
, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
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