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Posted:Ive been thinking a lot about starting a Poi workshop but just had a few questions for those of you who already do this. Ill get right to em...

How often are your sessions and how long do they run?
How many sessions per course?
Do you have people pay all at once or per session?
How do you handle people learning at different rates?
Whats the best way to advertise a Poi workshop?

Thats all I got for now. Any help would be appreciated. Im totally new to teaching a full on workshop so any additional info would be great as well.

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Posted:the biggest porblemo can be arranging a group insurance policy.
and what to wear. e.g. thongs and socks, or gumboots?!

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Posted:Hey Icon,

Personnaly ive never really held a "formal" workshop - just been about on gatherings offering advice and showing moves to individuals - sometimes 3-4 at a time mind.....

Anyhow a friend of mine who pasts on here (ill leave name out till ive asked him) is starting up proper workshops at schools - basically running for 10 weeks - once a week or an hour or two.

Payment upfront - to cover toys and props you may need wink

If its more of a pull people from outside in - then i would suggest payment on the night.............

As for the differant learning rates bit - all i can say is - once you have shown some of your stuff - the ones one pick it up quick will need less of your time as they will be stoked about all the new stuff they just learnt and will be off perfecting it themselves, therefore you can spend a bit more time with the people who are struggling biggrin

As for advertising - depends on where your doing it - but id say and college notice boards / flyers - websties etc - standard gumf really confused

I hope it helps - good luck with it by the way biggrin

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Posted:I've noticed that the folks who've learned how to do a particular move are normally keen to help explain stuff to those who are still learning smile This helps especially when more than one person's starting to struggle... wink

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