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ok i have a fire troop and we have been doing alot of work but i think i need to ajust the price because i am getting screwed. if any one who does this for a living help me out with a price list for differnt time lengths of performances
and the price change for the amount of performers.
thank you


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That is also something that i would like to know.
If you find anything out, Would you let me know?

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i know this has been discussed in the past - but its a hard thread to search for. heres one that may help. it more refers to payment for teaching - but pele's post give a good ideas for what you need to consider when determining the price - for a class or a show.

[Old link]

as far as im concerned, add up all your costs - fuel, transport etc. then double it, and charge that per hour.
thats my usual standard.

good luck biggrin

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But then it also depends on what you're offering.

Freespinning? A choreographed routine? Just poi & staff?

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ok my troop does fire staff fire poi fire eating fire breathing fire devil sticks fire dibiolo stilt walking and laying on beds of nails


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((all just in my opinion....))

I think as Durbs was pointing out, there are many many different types (standards?!?) of performance.. so therefore there is no one set guide to quoting.. without knowing in quite some depth about a group's experience, stage presentation, level of commitment (eg insurance, safety), skill level, degree of polish, depth of creativity and uniqueness, the demographic of their typical audience, where you are, what else is being offered in your area etc etc.. it is difficult to really answer the question...

BUT... I know how hard it was for us in the first few years to establish a reliable and appropriate fee schedule for what we were doing... and the question has been asked many times in the past on HOP.. and I feel that without real figures, the answers don't mean all that much...

I don't personally agree with the calaulation of costs + this - that x by your mother's birthdate kind of approach to finding your fee...

I think the first step really is to talk to other performers in your local area.. get an idea of professional rates from them or others doing similar work (or as close as you can) ..


I feel that (figures all very hypothetical, but to give some kind of numerical indication) you might start with a base of, say, $100+/call out/performer (I'm based in Oz.. so I'm playing with what I think are kind of reasonable numbers...) if you are a moderate - highly skilled hobbyist with a basic costume doing some freestyle spinning at a club...
- You may be undercutting professionals in your area who want to do the same kind of work.. but one presumes that professionals can offer more than you, so fair's fair..

and then if you find people keep saying yes and you book more in.. or you get together with some other performers, choreograph some routines and design some nice costumes.. increase your fee to, say, $150-200/ea and define some times limits.. like a couple of 15-20min shows or 1hr freesyle.. or whatever..
at this stage you would want to have some insurance

then you start to move into the professional arena I guess.. find out if there are applicable award rates (try MEAA (arts union) for Ozzies).. and never drop under these fees.. make sure you have all insurance, safety risk assesssments, shmick costumes etc .. and a really good performance presentation..
then try and find your fee... if people keep knocking you back you are obviously aiming too high (at least for now)... if you get booked for every single enquiry and you are working yourself silly.. then it's time to get brave and push that envelope a bit and risk one or two knock-backs for a fee that's a little too high for a couple of events...

what it really comes down to is supply & demand... if you are offering something really desirable, just find the right price.. no fee is too high if you find the right market.. some fees are too low, and your employer will get a bargain.. but if you're happy and you're not messing anyone else around, then no worries...

oh dear.. have to fly.. but that's probably enough for now.. pm me if you are interested to talk more

good luck.. smile

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the $$$ is in corporate events.
bec ur a guru great post!

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THANK YOU BEC. can you please pm me so i can ask a few more silly ???


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