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Jesse GirlJesse GirlBRONZE Member
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Hello everybodeee!

Okay so I am new to this whole poi thing. Really really want to learn though. I am looking for suggestions for good books or videas that can help me learn some basic moves before I sign up for a class. That's another question... Should I take a class, learn individually, or grab a friend and teach myself? Can I get some beginners advice, pleeeeeeeeeeeeez! Thanks.



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BrennBrennPLATINUM Member
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While in waiting for a class or a book or a skilled friend, try working on your own general dexterity and have a go for yourself.
I'm on a long staff and had nobody teach me for over three weeks. But being a current martial artist and a former gymnast it wasn't long before I picked up on some _very_ basic manouevres and built on that.

Good luck with the poi, fellow beginner! biggrin


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MikeIconMikeIconGOLD Member
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Hello Pachamama,

First thing's first, Id suggest taking a look at the lessons offered here if you have'nt already. They're a little rough but its what got me started. As an alternative, you could purchase the video The Art of Poi sold in HoP's shop which is what the lessons we're clips from.

As for books, Ive seen a book called Poi Spinning by Michael Khan, I believe, which seemed pretty good but by the time I read it, I already knew all the moves in it. Would be good for beginner though and I believe its sold through HoP's shop.

Classes? Well, it depends really. Id say try it out by yourself for a month or so. Practice regularly (daily is best) and if youre happy with your progress during the first month, forget the classes and keep going. If, however, you still cant get a lot of the basics, you could try checking out a class. Sometimes it just takes a real life person to point you in the right direction.

Lastly, see if you can find local spinners to meet up with. Maybe there are local gatherings that you could join in on and learn through them. would be a good resource for finding some.

Hope this information helps. Good luck and welcome to poi! smile

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wouacwouacGOLD Member
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ive bin spinning for about a year and as yet have not used any vids aside from the ones on the site or any books and i dont think any classes are available here but ull probly find it easiest and the most fun to grab a buddy and just learn off each other

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meepSILVER Member
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I use the Michal Khan book, it's great, really good value!


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