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someone showed me some of this stuff a while back but i can't seem to find it anywhere. it comes in a squirty nozzle bottle and i think it might be aloe vera based. it means you can clan your hands with no water so i was thinking of using it to wash my hands before drumming after doing fire and posibly taking to glastonbury! biggrin

confuseddoes anyone know what this stuff is or where i can get it? has anyone else tried using it with black parafin stained hands yet? does it work?

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If it's the stuff I'm thinking of it probably won't remove stains. It's alcohol based so evaporates off the skin but "cleanes" in the sense that it kills the germs and bugs rather than majorly removes the dirt I think...

they use it in hospitals/food prep for hygeine... don't know where you'd get it retail though. sorry.

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I used it last night and was going to look into getting some......will go see who makes it and try get some......but I am in Aust...

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i think that might be the sanitser they use at places like hungry jack's/burger king - you wash then fry your hands, then use this stuff after fir antibacterial duty. i think it is available in retal, but you might have to go to a speciality sore for it.

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KatrinaKatrinaGOLD Member
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hungry jack's/burger king - you wash then fry your hands

wow, i'm glad I don't work there! ubblol *ahem* sorry, couldn't resist!

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i use that stuff all day! i have a bottle of it in each car, in each room of my house and a little one in my purse... not that i'm obssessive about it, but it comes in handy.
go to: www.purell.com and then click the top link "consumer" to see more about it.
however, i never EVER use it when i spin fire because it's mostly alcohol. i mean, i doubt your hand will cath on fire if you rubbed this on, but i wouldn't recomend putting alcohol on your skin when you're holding chains with fire!!! ubblol

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theres a little bottle in the staff room at work, although cant remember whats it called. shall have a look on saturday. although i think you could prolly find it if you wandered around boots for a lil while.

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Hey Dub' - You can buy it in a lot of pharmacies now - I know Superdrug stock it - I can't remember what it's called, but just ask someone and they'll know what you're talking about.

From my experience, it dries really quickly - too quick too have a good scrub and soot marks

Really hurts in cuts too eek

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that gel gets my vote as the most psychedelic cleaning aid since...stuff.

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Dude, get some baby wipes. Good for a sore bottom too ubbangel

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I'm sure I found that stuff in the toilets of some festival. In fact it was the Beautiful Days. I thought it was quite good but I'm not sure if it will get rid of all those delightful black marks... wink Quite a good idea though

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Wet-naps or alcohol swabs work good, because you have something rub with, or just use the other stuff and put it on some paper towel or something.

duballstarduballstarSILVER Member
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thanx guys... hug
i may try and get some just for experimental value but i looks like baby wipes could be the way forward! biggrin

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Body Shop do it! i'm sure they do, or at least they did for glastonbury last year but its not as impressive as it sounds, you can also get a shampoo equivalent but i stuck with babywipes after 2 days in!

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DuncDuncGOLD Member
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yo Dubb, you could always use a barrier creame before hand and it shouldn't affect your grip. Otherwise babywipes are the way to go, they're just about the best thing for festies. You can even bath yourself in them in your tent!! ubbrollsmile

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i used to get some in Clarie's accessories. it was called waterless soap or something. i got the coconut flavour stuff. i think it was about 2.50 maybe 3.00.

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the squirty nozzle aloe vera based stuff is great for when you're just about to eat and for getting wet stains and mess off if you have a tissue with it but it would be a bit pants against paraffin marks... it's pretty pants against black marks from pots that have been burning over a fire,
You can get it anywhere, just look in the soap section and read the backs... sometimes it says it on the front
most supermarkets stock it
have a great weekend
baby wipes and deodorant wipes are the way forward

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